Gridiron touchdown countdowns need to be longer

Never any epic end zone battles. I think this is due to a short countdown. Maybe add 3 or 4 seconds would bring more intensity to gridiron :football:

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I think there’s a number of things they could try with Gridiron.

My suggestion:

  • Make it a set number of rounds. (8?)
  • Each round is 1 minute maximum.(maybe 2 minutes)
  • Respawns are on, every 5-10 seconds.

Each round the flag spawns in one team’s spawn. This team is on offense for that round, the other is on defense.

Rounds end when any of the following occur:

  • Offense scores touchdown(6 points)
  • Flag is turned over to the defense(0 points, or maybe even 1 point for the defense)
  • time runs out - “turnover on downs” - offense gets 0 points

Game ends when:

  • 8 rounds are completed, or
  • One team clinches victory(example: one team is ahead by 12 points after 7 rounds)

If game is tied after 8 rounds there would have to be some sort of OT.

I think this idea would incentivize people NOT to just camp with the flag, and it would also prevent every round ending on eliminations(as if we were playing execution)

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