Gridiron Performer Medal

Score 4000 or more Points in 10 Versus Gridiron Matches

Anybody feel this is a tad too high?.

Fairly consistently getting 2500/3500 points, even with a 31 Elimination game i only managed to get 3900 points.
Most of the time the other team gets wiped before i can get more than 2000 points, seems a bit unrealistic to get.


A chunk of the new achievements are poorly designed.

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While I do agree with you there is some poor design choice with the new achievements

Hes asking about a Gridiron medal

I dont have much to add about Gridiron at the moment but if @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o thinks its too high then Im gonna agree with him


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It has to be lowered to, at the absolute highest, 2500. Anything higher than that requires a lot of luck on top of skill. The match has to go a very certain way, and no matter how good you are, you can’t guarantee there will be enough rounds or player encounters to get anywhere close to 4000.

I’ve gotten triple the next highest score a few times, and I’m still capping off at the low 3000s.

Medals, daily challenges, achievements; none of these should be based on luck. If it can’t be earned by perfect play every time, it’s a poorly designed challenge.


I have to agree with this, I’ve won my last six matches in a row with MVP in four of them and i didn’t get more than 3000 points in a single game. The game has to go 14-12 and all the players in the game have to be fairly bad so you can run around quickly and mop up all the kills, poorly designed medal in my personal opinion.

I think 2500 or 3000 highest would be a better suit, i would’ve done this medal twenty times over if it was.

Plus it’s only worth 3 stars, the same as killing twelve people with lancers which isn’t an equal achievement.

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I played several games today ending 14-12 and not even once did I see someone reach 3000 points. MVP was always 2500-2900 so chances of reaching 4K not once but 10 times sounds absurd for an achievement.

If this is the new achievement design then they might as well create one for reaching masters in a playlist and another for all of them.

Super annoying the spike is out of my reach over this super specific challenge the others weren’t a problem

I think it should be a 3000 points requirement, to hit 4000it needs to be 14-12 and get about 17 headshot kills or more than 30-35 eliminations which is ridiculous with mode with such small victory requirements.

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I was wondering about this to. Never saw the possiblity to reach that number. And 10 times.

Not only is it impossible, but even if it was why the hell is it 3 stars instead of 6… TC smarts strikes again.

Yeah someone didn’t play test this Medal. We have to do a successful run of our custom Escape maps before we can post them. The same standard should apply to Medals. Test runs to see if it is achievable.

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*fixed your error

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TC announced in the dev this will be changed to be lower :slight_smile:


I can only assume this was a mistake. Either the point structure for Gridiron was different when that medal was made, or they simply used the wrong value.

Asking players to get 4000 points in Gridiron instantly makes it something that a large majority of the community will never unlock.