Gridiron or some sort of Rank 3 players+ that is not KOTH or Escalation!

Hello Gears Team!

Gears 5 is currently the only game I play online with my 2 other friends that still play Gears. However in the past few months or more than a few months, after you took away Gridiron, Gears 5 has not been the same and has lost it lack luster. I wish you would think more about adding additional players/friends to rank match system like TDM or really consider bringing back Gridiron which was so amazing to play with my friends (3+)! I do however like the recent update however there are some slight delay weapon firing and switching that could be improved but overall enjoy it! I never post in forums but I do care about Gears 5 and the gears franchise! Please reconsider adding Gridiron back full time to Rank system and possibly allow more than 2+ in TDM to enjoy more team based ranked Gears.

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You know what was amazing to me.

King, TDM, Guardian.

The 3 ranked modes that carried this franchise over the span of 8-10 years.

Guardian is actually OG Gears of War.

At first was warzone, guardian, execution & later down the line annex then evolved to king.

I understand warzone & execution population wasn’t that high but TDM & Guardian? I don’t buy it.

All have been able to stack until recently.