Gridiron Mode - First Impressions

Hi everyone,

Not sure if there is an official discussion thread yet for this outside the stickied announcement trailer. Wanted to start a discussion on everyone’s first impressions of the new mode and any concerns or praises.

Personally I applaud them for trying to add a twist to the typical one flag CTF mode seen in many other games. However, the twist is one of my biggest concerns. One life for objective modes, especially with one flag CTF, will turn into a massive campfest. I predict camping of power weapons or areas near the flag spawn as opposed to actually trying to cap - especially with team eliminations counting for the same amount of points as a capture.

Additionally, 13 points to win is going to make the matches drag on if people hunker down with rifles. A minimum of 7 rounds to win a match (TC should look at launch version of escalation and why they changed rounds required to win).

Not overly excited or dissapointed for this new mode, just skeptical of how it will handle in the “rifle meta”.


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There’s a two minute limit per round with potential overtime that should technically make it last less long, unless rounds keep stalemating out.

But I was dubious about the one life thing too, for an objective based mode. Kind of reminiscent of a bomb gametype I played in a COD years ago when I was younger, don’t recall its name. Not going to draw any comparisons due to significant gameplay differences between Gears and COD, however.


I love Modern Warfare’s Gunfight mode. Even though you get random weapons and can get stuck camping with LMGs or Snipers across a map, but there’s a short 1:30 timer ticking along that forces you to take a risk and charge one another.

I read that whoever has the flag at the end of the round is awarded one point. Worst case scenario is 13 rounds of one team with flag in an otherwise stalemate. Still a 26 minute match of sitting around (not counting between round timers), like I said worst case scenario. I just imagine it possibly getting tedious if people really play to win.

Also you must be thinking of search and destroy from COD.


Might be Demolition, might be Search and Destroy, I just don’t remember. When I say it has been years, I mean like, 7-9+ years since I last played any CODs MP or Campaign. All I remember is it being about planting a bomb in a specific spot on the map, that could be disarmed by the enemy/defending team which would result in a round win for them, and that if you died there was no respawns available.

Search and Destroy 100%.


Clarification on part of the ruleset.


I’m excited to try this mode, because honestly, anything that could potentially bring back the excitement of the classic one life per round modes of Gears 1 has me interested.

I am also very curious about the comment “We’ve also created custom weapon placements for every map in Gears 5 exclusively for Gridiron.” Meaning we will likely see more instances of double Longshots, which also has that old-school Gears vibe to it.

However, on the reverse side of this… Every night I play this game, I seemingly run into one guy on the enemy team that just doesn’t seem to take damage. It’s purely a connection thing, and just comes with the territory being a Gears game. However, one life per round? Getting BS’ed by the same guy? That will get old really fast.


Agree. With all the lag bs that happens, I don’t understand any interest in single spawn games. I guess the guys with widely fluctuations in ping will love it. Give me respawn modes or give me death, literally.

Not sure why this mode can’t be a respawn game. Wasn’t it respawn in Judgement?

I kinda view it as Execution with an objective, as opposed to an objective type game.

People (including myself), wanted an objective to Execution for a long time, and now we/they have it, time to go crazy with it.

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Better have a lot of fun with it while you can. If it’s no different really than execution, it will be a dead mode before long.

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Indeed, Execution is dead as it is, and the addition of another mode to the playlist count wont help the population in other playlists as well.

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I think everyone will try it at first.

Is it a ranked mode?

It doesn’t say in the post, but I suppose we will know more when the VS patch notes comes out today.

And I presume with it being an Execution based game mode, it’ll be a ranked mode, but that’s just a presumption.

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Im sorry TC but this mode is trash. Its boring plain and simple. So glad you guys took Guardian out.


I thought the mode was alright, but I don’t think the flag holder should be allowed to run full speed.

I think it’d be cool to have it like KOTH in terms of respawn, and first to 3 or 5 or something.

I liked it honestly

This is the weirdest thing to me. TDM seems the least in the way of skill-based gameplay and Teamwork, whereas Guardian takes some method of working together and strategy.