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Gridiron May not be fun for low ranks and randoms

In watching the stream just now Gridiron will not be ranked yet, but allow stacks and aim assit. how will an random low level rank enjoy this one life mode.

key thing is talking and cordinating which almost no one does if not on a team.

it looks fun but it should be no aim assit and no stacks or teams

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You are right it will be in Ranked, just not initially. So that gives us time to test it out. Give them feedback.

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yeah but allowing stacks and aim assit while its in quick play will not make it fun.

Problem is only 1 life and the you have to wait
I suck in pvp, so I start, die, and thne must wait the whole game, boring
there should be respawn or gridiron/capture flag, this new mode in pve, against bots,

well the max time is 2 minutes to aviod camping

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Oh. Like one life mode is not there already? I heard of this mode called Execution . Try it out some time!



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What’s Warzone? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the one life thing. But I also see it being a game of Execution with an optional objective that most won’t even bother with. I’d have to play to know for sure but it seems like wiping the enemy team would be easier than scoring the flag.

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yeah they talk about thats and its different points for that

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Mark my words…it’ll be dead in about 2 weeks or less. Just like FFA or worse.

Shouldn’t be a one life mode. Maybe as an event. But standard should be unlimited or at the very least tdm style lives.

I was super stoked until I saw that.

I actually like the 1 life factor lol,

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I’m only going to bother with the mode because its single life.
Like proper gears.


I’m glad to see them bringing back game modes that fall in form with the original pvp modes. The one life per round gameplay made this game. The Punishing deaths cause players to play harder and learn faster to keep up. It will be frustrating to players who aren’t accustomed to the one life mode but to the old school players who remember the original games I think this will be a fantastic addition.


Respawning is a crutch and respawning modes bore me to death in various shooters. It makes people play like selfish reckless jack ■■■■■. Gears should be centered on single life modes. Period. You should be punished for dying. That’s what made Gears fun. No respawns in Execution. You died trying to be John Rambo? Typically you lost. Of course we’ll all be three short of a full team because quitting still exists.

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Feedback that they will look at and won’t bother addressing for 3 months

The bigger popluation are not high ranks. thew single life and allowing stacks and aim assit will only bring the lower rank popluation down. statistically you can not have everyone rocking onyx and above.

The game has to be challenging, Fun and fair, so it has to address all levels. the game already has people ranking up cause the are protected by high pings ghost accounts and really bad match making. this is just another hit. I mean really ? I was in a game last night 3 guys went of and had over 110 eliminations . Mind you i am a bronze/silver player. yes i get the argument that playing higher ranks should make you better, but in reality it can also be very discourging. I just mad silver and had 4 games where mis matching was so bad I drop back down to Bonze three. guys on my team all croosing and not attaching.oh well.

Ranking up does not bother me as much as unfair games.

You can tell when your playing in and out of your ranked group. its very obvious. It’s just like palying PC vs console. I turned that off but if a stacked team has a PC turned on and one person is console on thiere team I still get matched and have to play PC.

I just think that it would be a fun mode, but there has to be some guidlines

I think they should get rid of ranked altogether. If people want to compete, let them do it in private lobbies.

I understand your concern but again I’ll say the learning curve becomes faster with the single life vs multiple Life gameplay. I have made posts in the past regarding my opinion on how the respawn games hurt the game as a whole.

The punishment of death was watching and waiting. This gave players a chance to watch and study better players. It gave more strategy to the game as well. I could go on as to why I would reduce the number of respawn games but they are fun to play and people do love them.

I don’t think this game is going to kill ranks but it will promote the original styles of GEARS OF WAR. People who fell in love with the original games played and loved PVP because of the punishing play style. I hope it will promote the newer players to see what the old games truly brought to the table.

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Ranks need to go away

I really do not mind ranks. what i think is wrong as higher ranks being in lower rank games. or when they can’t get games to have ghost accounts just to destroy lower level ranks.