Gridiron is going to need respawns

I don’t have a problem with 1 life modes, but CTF, which is what Gridiron is, doesn’t work well with it. The game mode plays too similarly to Execution in its current form. Execution should be the only 1 life mode in rotation. It has trouble maintaining a population as it is, it doesn’t need another mode splitting the playerbase.

No, if anything, the new lives gimmick in Escalation should be transferred over to Gridiron, Escalation should go back to Gears 4 rules (the new first to 5 rounds can stay), and everything can be peachy.


Gridiron is not CTF. It is Warzone/Execution without stalemates.


Yeah, I know, which is the problem. We already have Execution.

The ruleset minus 1 life is that of CTF. There’s no denying it. If TC just wanted Warzone without stalemates, they could have done that without a flag quite easily.


I’m not against adding true CTF to Gears.

In Execution/Warzone, when you’re the last player alive, you become visible to everyone on the opposing team, and everyone on the enemy team becomes visible to you.

While stalemates are still possible, they practically won’t happen.

By stalemate I mean matches timing out with same number of players on both teams.

Gridiron guarantees stalemates won’t happen.

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Alternately, since they have the flag and touchdown mechanics in place, we could petition TC to add a classic CTF mode

The seeing players at all times thing could kick in if nobody dies in set time intervals as well. The problem in Execution is camping and uncertainty.

Sure I see that. I mean look at arcade. There is regular arcade and arcade blitz. Let’s have Gridiron (“blitz” version, one life only) and Gridiron Bowl (with respawns like classic CTF)

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I’d be fine with TC experimenting with both and seeing which people prefer. Again, 1 life modes tend to not be immensely popular. It’s hard enough keeping a single one populated, let alone two.

If Gridiron in its current form is to be a replacement for Execution, that’s fine I guess. We certainly don’t need both.

Either way, a more classic CTF would be interesting to see for sure.


One life modes are rewarding and punishing. My best games come from the tense moments.

With the hype of the battle royal games, I’m surprised the one life modes aren’t more popular.


It is the replacement for Execution lol, Execution is only found in private matches now. I hope they keep Gridiron 1 life


I agree, but I’ll add an additional point.
It’s Warzone/Execution but with two simultaneous objectives.

Everyone (reddit and here) seems so afraid that “players will just ignore the flag and play Execution”. I really don’t see that being an issue here. I honestly think this is the perfect balance for a game mode. You have to choose between controlling the central weapons and the the flag. Which ultimately results in a fast paced version of Warzone/Execution with WAY less camping.


I actually like Gridiron how it is. It’s fast pace enough to make 1 life fine. Execution and Guardian are gone from ranked, so there is no player base splitting going on. It also solved the long matches of 2v1 or 1v1 in execution which were dreadful as a dead teammate.

I’m sure they play tested with respawns or 5/5 lives like escalation. I personally HATE the 5/5 lives in escalation. It takes the fun out of the mode. I would say simple is better in gears.

Respawns would make rounds go on for too long. It would get old quick and again take the fast pace nature out and fun. Similar to long, drawn out guardian matches in gears 4 when leaders would just sit in spawn (blood drive). Can you imagine trying to hold the flag in the endzone with respawns? It would be tough.

I don’t get why elimination as a win is a bad thing? I have yet to see people straight up ignoring the flag. There have been plenty of matches I’ve played so far where a 3v3 was going on and then all of a sudden someone had the flag in the endzone and won the round.

In a way, this mode is what Execution needed.


I can’t believe people in this thread saying a CTF game mode is supposed to feel more like an elimination game type. What in the heck? It’s supposed to be a CTF game mode and there isn’t much capturing going on at all.

If it’s not supposed to be a CTF game mode…then TC plz reply…what is this game mode supposed to be?

It’s gridiron, it’s a new game type.

Run the flag in on a 1v2 and it’s not an elimination game. There is definitely a defense/offense aspect to this game.

I don’t know what game you are playing, but the best way to play is to eliminate the other team.

The offense and defense aspect of this game mode isn’t any good…and is barely there at all.

I think it’s very clear that it was meant to be more of an elimination mode from the start.

The design philosophy behind the mode is very much just Execution (an elimination game mode) with stalemate situations de-emphasized.

It fine if you don’t like that idea, but Ithey’ve done a good job of accomplishing what they were trying to do.

Yep, classic CTF is something I’ve been asking for since Gears 3

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Of course 1 life modes are not popular but gears of war added a life pool on their 3rd game I see post of ppl saying gears is not gears anymore but gears isnt gears if you don’t die how your actions and cooperation can effect the outcome of your battle. How you learn and overcome will build you better I miss warzone the original MP