"Gridiron 10x better than escalation.." Change my mind

I feel personally that escalation is boring as F%#@!

As a gamemode that’s gameplay is aired for the main events on the esports streams when the “pro-players” are at their sweatiest, its got to be imo one of the most boring expierences I’ve ever sat through, its bad enough playing escalation…

Which is why I think Gridiron would make great a replacement for hosting the competitive events…

Ive heard many say “Its basically warzone with a flag…”, Yes its true, it shares an objective like warzone, but with gridiron if you were 2 v 5 for example and the 5 man had the flag you can’t just hide as the 2 man, you have to reclaim that flag or wipe the the team, so it encourages a fight, whereas even though warzone was fun when we had it (And believe me I want it back along with wingman) warzone encouraged hide and seek and really dragged out gameplay…

Which is why Gridiron is better imo and why its 10x better and fun to watch as opposed to escalation where the matches are somehow longer than the average warzone match :mask: dunno about you but I don’t have time to watch people play hide n seek for an hour… whether I’m trying to watch a esports stream or sitting out dead in-game and spectating, something about the multi objective, different ways to win the match and 1 life panic keeps me on my toes, keeps things interesting… more interesting than Escalation…

The proof is in the pudding though, do not take it from me, escalation doesn’t get played and was removed from ranked entirely and plenty of people still play Gridiron regardless of what people say about it…


Yeah it’s a little underrated. Fun single life game mode. Wouldn’t mind seeing how it plays out at pro level


I just feel like they tried to make a gamemode that was meant to seem complex and competitive that they forgot the ‘fun’ part (In Escalation that is…)

Gridiron hits the nail on the head in all those areas.


I saw Escalation first and read the title as gridlock is better than Escalation. And was like no I agree.

Better than G5 escalation but no where near judgement escalation. Proper domination.

Gridiron has potential, but it’s not ready for primetime yet, IMO. It still needs a few tweaks to be eSport ready.


Escalation is a tactical, positioning competitive mode
Gridiron is just execution with a flag

I think you meant warzone with a flag :v:

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Warzone doesnt allow you to self revive, but it is definitely closer to warzone.

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Agreed Escalation is/was bad
but… I don’t think Gridiron is the answer either not enough people playing it
long search times

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