Grid Iron, from down to death

Having played grid iron for decent amount of times, Started noticing a real annoyance with one particular part of the game and that is how much damage you do to a downed player before they die. Core blimey this is so frustrating nearly firing a full clip sometimes about the same as having to down someone. Please reduce how many bullets you have to use before finishing them off, It’s ruining a great game type!! love it tactical

TC stated this was in purpose

I agree that this is infuriating and should be lowered

The amount of damage required to kill a DBNO player is directly related to their distance from you.

If the player is two feet away, a single Lancer bullet should do the job. If they are on the other side of the map, it will take 6+ lancer bullets.

I made an exact thread on this earlier.

Should you say but not the case!! The times myself and team putting fire into the same DBNO player for them to get picked up and run off with flag weapon is crazy… not one to post but needs a tweek.

Ha! And I thought I was just missing shots because I am depressed about guardian not being ranked.

Where was that? Did it say what the full change was?

Sounds similar to Escalation.

I believe they said it during the dev stream where they played Gridiron with the dev team or the one after, not 100% which one it was

Sounds about right. going through the dev stream cuts out my gaming time so I don’t keep up with them much, figures i’d miss important info like this. lol.
Just wish they would put out proper patch notes and not keep holding stuff back.

Where’s those stream reviews gone @GhostofDelta2 @Ektope ?

In the past 5 or 6 weeks we have only had 2 streams.

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I know,
I just appreciated the times you’ve done this. Not everyone gets to see the stream and there is a lot of useful stuff that people miss.

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