Grenadier Spawn Texture

Why does Grenadier look like an N64 port at the beginning of a match when they show all players from the front? His head looks so polygonal lol it kinda bothers me honestly. I don’t remember if it happens in every map but I’m noticing it constantly.

On my old xbox sometimes id see like old looking graphics while we all load n

It’s an LOD (level of detail) or something similar, where a game hasn’t finished loading all the textures and stuff yet so it shows you a lower quality model or texture to keep the game running until it has time to pull up the models and textures properly. it’s most often used to make things that are really far away from you less defined to save memory and processing power. Your system is just loading a little slow and the game is adjusting the settings down so you can roll out with the other players on time, at the temporary cost of graphics.