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Grenade Loadouts in Multiplayer



Been awhile since i’ve been here, but I was curious to how y’all would feel about this this for Grenade Loadouts, We had this in Judgment and if toned down to how Gears normally is, I think they could really work if they were to come back. The grenades I had in mind were the Smoke Grenade (Stun or No Stun), the Spot Grenade, and the Stim-Gas Grenade (Revive Only). If smokes still stunned (which a group of community doesn’t enjoy), more grenades in a loadout could help lessen the annoyance of them since the existence of them wouldn’t be as common. Players who enjoy usin’ them would also still have them too. Since the spot greande isn’t lethal, I believe it could work as a loadout one if brought back with a radius reduction. It also has it’s strategic value like the smoke does and I think it would work well comin’ back. Now onto the Stim-Gas. A lot of people rightly hate it in Judgment because it instantly heals and can be very annoying/cheap. Well, I propose it come back as a loadout option, but it can only revive now. It would be less cheap and like other 2 is isn’t lethal which works if it’s a loadout nade. But overall, I think it would be great for variety sake. I need something different for this game. There needs to little changes that freshen up the game enough and I think this is one of them. Tbh I’m gonna be disappointed if it’s just a smoke like it has been for all these years, Thoughts?


This could work.

(TheDeuterostome) #3

Hell no. Leave judgement out of this game!

(Me0wMix CatFood) #4

I like it a lot. While I do appreciate everyone pretty much having the same load out for the most part, I’ve gotta say that it makes for a more boring and predictable game. I’d love having more options which would lend to deeper strategies.

Ultimately, I think TC wants to make the game a slave to esports so every map will have to be esports friendly, the weapons, etc etc… So I don’t expect anything clever or exciting.

(GB6 Kazuya) #5

A variety would be interesting. It would be nice for the stun to be removed entirely from the Smoke Grenade…like it used to be in the original.


We shouldn’t say no to something just because it was Judgment. Things are not automatically bad because they were in that game.

(TheDeuterostome) #7

Stim grenades are dumb and not realistic in any way. Spot greanades just seems uneccisary. I like the raw non futuristic aspects of gears.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #8

I do miss ink nades :heart:


Not liking Stim Gas grenades because they aren’t realistic is fine, but personally I could care less about realism if it adds some tactics to gameplay. Obviously that doesn’t mean go all out and have people start flying n stuff, but a little bit of not realistic here and there doesn’t bother me. Commenting on your comment about how spot grenades are unnecessary, I disagree a bit. They don’t need to be in the game because we’ve seen games do fine enough without them, but their addtion could spice things up a bit which imo gears needs badly. They change things up in a fight like the smoke does (differently of course) and they add more gameplay elements for the player to mess around with. Both of those are plusses for me.

(Human Smokes) #10

this statement is laughable

personally I like the different types of grenades that were available as loadouts in judgment, although I’d have to say the single smoke nade upon spawning is quintessential gears of war.


you should be able to run around with two different types of nades, (smoke/ink, smoke/frag, etc) with the maximum number still set at just 2 nades. thoughts?

(TheDeuterostome) #11

I am fine if they have these greanades as pick ups but not everybody loading in with them.