"Greed" Game mode Idea

I was thinking of an Escalation/Execution type game mode, that I’ve called Greed. Basically the game would work as a standard 5v5, where every players gets a single Respawn. The round ends when a team runs out of their respawns and dies, or if a team has no players on the map at once.

Each team starts with ONLY a Gnasher, no grenades or Snub, just the Gnasher. And everyone’s respawn is locked at 20 seconds.

At the end of every round, the MVP of the losing team can pick a weapon to equip in their loadouts (secondary, pistol, grenade). But the more powerful the weapon, the shorter the enemy teams respawns become. So for example, a Boomshot will make the enemy team respawn in 14 seconds when a Hammerburst will make it only 18.

First to 5, etc. Any thoughts on this? I would find it fun. Intense with the right matchmaking. Additional thoughts or ideas?

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That’s a positive. I repeat, that’s a positive

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I like the idea actually. With some tweaking for balancing reasons it could be pretty good. Maybe as well as decreasing the opponent’s respawn time, it could also increase their spawn protection too?

I just think that by adding some powerful weapons to starting loadouts, you can end up with some crazy and frustrating spawn traps.


I like the idea but I feel like it would break down too fast. Choose a boom and you guarantee your team a round win. Next round, they pick boom as well. Now it’s just stupid. And the team that loses the first round will always win the second round because having any weapon + gnasher > gnasher. Maybe some tweaks can be suggested though.


Suppressing free speech now, are we Pepper?

I kinda dig this idea too tbh sounds refreshingly different but as other posters have said it definitely would need a few more tweaks to make it seem a bit more balanced

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This is BigRichard, read you loud and clear Buster-One. That’s a greenlight on the idea, over.


That’s a fresh new idea that I like.
It would be better for some weapons (like the boomshot or any powerful weapon) that it will give them an additional respawn instead of making the respawn delay shorter. I may be wrong but just a little of time to balance it and it would be perfect!

Perhaps if rather than giving your whole team access to the more powerful weapons, you can allocate one to a team mate of your choice (including to yourself)? Otherwise if everyone has say, a Boomshot or Dropshot it will turn into a clusterfcuk very quickly!

Or perhaps if the weapons are tiered, so that the more powerful weapons are only given out if the losing team is a larger number of points behind the winning team? This would mean padding it out with more rounds than TDM is at the moment.

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Yeah like I said, it’s just a basic idea. Not exactly how I’d see it go down. But something like that yeah!

So the whole team can spawn with boomshots? Why wouldn’t you just always pick the boom? Game would get predictable really quick. Better if once you pick a weapon you can only use it for that round. Next time you have to pick a different weapon. So your choice gets more limited as you go.

Sooooo basically its more like dodgeball with gnashers and weapons picking??? well since you want feedback i don’t think it would be very popular but that’s just my two cents. I wouldn’t play it.

Could kinda be like Beast and Overrun. The more kills you get the more “points” you have to spend on a certain weapon

Possible. Really hate when people take the example you use and assume that’s the only way I’d see it working.

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What if teams could at various points between rounds, be given the choice to trade respawns in order they or a team mate start with a power weapon? Again, it would need to be balanced so that it’s not too unbalanced. Perhaps as with one of my earlier suggestions, if a power weapon is allocated to just one person on your team rather than everyone.

Possibly. That’d be interesting.