Greatest hits packs

I agree, the Weapon skins themselves haven’t been that great and aren’t that premium for money only purchases.

The only ones I like and have completed are:

Emissive Black Steel, Console & Primordial.

I do like Sundered and have about 3/4 now from the GH Packs - I think I need 1-3 more.

Personally, my family have been dealing in property for a long time and I’m in a very lucky position where I’ve liked Gears since the first and so spending $5-$6,000 doesn’t impact me whatsoever financially. I mean I’ve sunk Hundreds of Thousands into my passion of Cars alone and of course I have my own Portfolio of properties and investments. My main areas of expenditure are property, cars & clothes. I dine out a lot too with friends and family so one evening meal could be anymore from $120 to $800 depending on where I am in the country.

i dont make that much lol i make about 24$/hour which isnt bad for where i live since i can own a decent house for like 43k of course i’m renting to own because i’m saving money to move out of state my limit per new pack is about 250$ but the most i’ve ever had to go to is about 130$ and that was to complete the fight night set if i spent any more than that my fiance would probably kill me

I bought 2 packs and got kantus and baird… Tho I’m not a fan of kantus, but baird is a win for me.

But unfortunately for me I only make $10.50 per hr, so there’s people like me that doesn’t have that amount of money to spend, I bought those packs because I wanted the damn UIR and all I got was 3 black steel myrrah and on the last one I bought I got Baird

I also got a Queen M as well, I only brought one tho, had to scrap her because I already had her so a waste of 10 dollars. Considering it was the “Greatest Hit COLLECTION” I thought the probability of getting a Character I didn’t own was fairly high, once again I’ve been screwed over by TC, definitely rigged to give out more Queen’s then anything else, like they have more Myraah’s place in their RNG POT, so it’s really not RNG at all…

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for anyone who’s interested just sign up for that microsoft rewards thing you can get enough credits for a 10$ code in like 2-3 weeks if you stay on top of it, i do that and i dont even need to it’s just nice to save money every once and a while not any shame in it

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I agree.

However some people seem to have money to burn and time, adding the time you sit there opening packs… when you could be in a match playing the game. If I had money to burn like that, I still wouldn’t do it. There’s literally no point buying something, that should be in the game already and available through progression.

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Yeah I use that too. I don’t buy much from the MS store though so am relying on the daily Bing searches and stuff which is capped. I worked out I would get 1320 points every week if I did everything each week which doesn’t take long.

By the way, does your “community” link work? I keep getting an error message whenever I click it. I’ve got some reward points in my secondary account thay I want to transfer into my main but can’t as this tab doesn’t work.

FYI for those who don’t know the details, you can get a £5 MS voucher for 5850 points. They also sometimes do deals so right now its about 4700 or something.

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Wow, a house at $43K?

My average price for a standard semi-detached house is around $200-$300K.

UK property prices have dramatically risen over the past 2-3 decades.

i live in a bad area atm so yeah lol thats why me and my fiance are saving to move only here because it’s close to where i work

i’ve never tried the community link i usually do all my searches and bing thing so i get around 2600-3000 per week not counting any purchases/streak bonus which mine is at 170 days so i get a 150 point bonus every 10 days i can get a 10$ code every 15-16 days but i never tried the link myself the biggest haul i had was when i saved my points for a whole year and got 300$ for it definitely a good way to save up some extra cash i reckon if someone saved from now until gears 5 releases they’d be able to get gears 5 for (free)

and i believe the deal is 3750 points for 5$ or 7500 for 10$ you can also get game pass/gold for 6800 points for 1 month if money isnt what you need

That much?! My Bing searches are capped so I can only get 150 points from them per day - 90 from PC search and 60 from mobile phone searches. It sounds like you’re on a different MS Rewards scheme than me. I’m in the UK, so I wonder if that makes a difference?

The differences in cost of the vouchers are due to our different exchange rates I guess - £5.00 is about $6.50USD? I’m quite jealous cos it normally takes a little over a month to get a £5 cos of the points cap.

oh probably never thought if it depended on the country but yeah i get around 3k a week in the US i get 170 from pc searches,100 from mobile and 30-70 depending on the daily stuff

Folks who spend that much on these packs just straight up have a gambling problem.

I tend to have more expensive hobbies (not on purpose) and have dropped money on things that others would find odd such as musical and recording equipment, photography stuff, a $2500 bicycle, etc.

But to throw $700 on an abysmal chance at some skin is ludicrous to me but I admire the “I give no ■■■■■” aura he has about it (it does make me a little mad sometimes but it is annoyingly admirable) as I do believe one is entitled and should be entitled to doing whatever they want with their money.

Regarding packs, I have found myself getting a duplicate consistently in the past especially if it’s an epic character. It’s like I can always bet that in pack number 2, I will get whatever character I got in pack 1.

I only bought one pack from the greatest hits, hoping to get either Baird or Myrrah. I had kantus and UIR already. I got Cole, a legendary, and was disappointed. But I’ve been using him anyway and I dig it. I am proud that I didn’t choose to fall into the “just one more pack” trap. Enough is enough.

I dunno. It’s one of those things - different people dig different things. On one level I find it frustrating because people buying these packs sustains the system and encourages companies to continue releasing loot boxes for high prices. But then again I’m partly guilty of that myself. Prior to eSports 10 my spending on this was reasonable - I’d buy between 2-5 packs per Supporter pack, but I kinda lost control with Supporter 10 pack cos I wanted the Armored Kantus and bought 19 packs. Not as extravagant as 72 mind, but still!

But then I once spent around £400 on gig tickets to see David Gilmour (formerly of Pink Floyd) 5 times/nights over a 8 day period. He played mostly the same songs, and I knew this would be the case but I really wanted to see him 5 times. Some people would think I’m mental, not cos of the price as such but because i saw him play 5 gigs over such a small peruod of time. But then other people who are fans would have done the same if they could get tickets. Is it any different to buying eSports packs? If you take out the RNG factor then arguably not.


OMG, wow. That is wonderful. In Phoenix, a garbage condo in a dangerous area is $43k.
My property tax alone is $6k/year.

As far as pack $$ goes, I don’t know why people consume themselves with what other people buy, other than for reasons of envy. I don’t care what someone else eats. How they decorate their home. What they do in their free time. And I don’t spend a lot of time fretting over what they spend their money on.

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The only reason I personally “fret” is that it promotes and sustains this garbage methodology. I’ll say it again, there is no excuse, DooM 2016 did not need this and DooM Eternal will outsell GoW5 by a landslide. Attend. This is the nicest way I can put this.

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UIR characters are now craftable fyi

the thing is i and some other make enough money to do that it’s not like you NEED the black steel characters to play it’s just us helping fund the events and (presumably) TC’s future projects i will never buy a mega pack though hell i’ve even bought all 4 of those team supporter character packs i’ve got most of the things i want in life other than a nice house just waiting for my fiance to finish college before we move

I can see that. I’m not happy with the way the game is running or the unprofessional way TC treats their community (a community with many mature players who have been dedicated for 10+ years) so I myself am very discriminating about what I spend my money on when it comes to this game. I’ve bought Esports packs. But I definitely wouldn’t collect them as I don’t feel good about giving my money to a company that can’t be bothered to address major issues with it’s game.