Greatest hits packs

I bought 3 greatest hits packs in 3 different days and got the same character, are you guys gonna help me with that?

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Why would TC help you with that?

Whats there to help with? The pack is RNG, but its just poor luck you got. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do.

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Didn’t someone on here say that they had bought 8 of the Supporter 9 packs and got Dom in every single one of those packs? Some people have such rubbish luck!


Indeed, there’s nothing to be done. Unless they reduce the chances of dupes in future paid packs its just going to potientially happen again.

Yeah I don’t recommend buying more than one pack because the duplicates seem more likely than any other character. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be rigged that way on purpose. I swear if there are 8 characters, you’re still going to get the same character twice in a row even though there are 7 other characters.

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Took me 72 Packs to get the Emissive Snub.

That’s what TC need to fix :joy: - plus I did get a lot of Myrrah’s too.

Dude, really?
For $720 you just could make a real one, at NASA…
I feel obliged to tell you that, I have no heart seeing your post like this anymore giving a massive support to this “dead horse”.


72 freaking packs? Man you are crazy haha

because they have 5 different characters in that pack and i’m not the only one that got black steel myrrah, otherwise they’re proving that those packs are bs, and it’s not even random cause they have it all setup for the same character.

I got 7 packs and only got 2 double characters.

I finished with Baird, Marcus, Cole, S.Kantus. Myrah and Armored Kantus



Damn, how much money do you have? In fact how much did you spend in total in Gears 4?

I personally havent bought or won any esports pack. While the skins look good, its not enough of a reason for me to spend money

he probably means 72 packs in total across all the times the snub was available which is still bad i usually just go for the characters and thats it though

I wouldn’t know the exact figure, but I would say around the $3-$5,000 mark considering the exchange rate of my currency which would be around £2-£3,000.

No, I mean 72 Packs just on this Greatest Hits Pack - if it wasnt for the Snub, I was happy at 2 first packs I bought because I got the two characters I didn’t have, the Savage Kantus (which wouldnt drop after 40-45 packs in its original pack) and also SuperStar Cole (never got to purchase Pack 7 before). So I was lucky in that they were in my Pack 1 and 2. But the Snub is what I really wanted.

I have previously bought around 30-40 packs of the original Emissive Pack - I managed to get everything except the snub and all the characters back then. The Lancer took me a long while to drop and I gave up on getting the Snub however I really wanted to complete the set this time.

So over the Friday and Saturday I bought a total of 72 Greatest Hits Packs and FINALLY got it to drop.

Started off with 40,000 Scrap and by the end of the two days I had around 76,000 Scrap.

Now I need Pack 1 & Pack 7 to return and I will get around 20 each of those and will probably make a video for them when I do.

Then Pack 11 - depending on whats in that one, I will buy around 20-30 of those and will be filming that one as its a brand new pack!


if i like the skins for pack 11 i might try to complete the set but recently none of them have been eye-catching the only ones i’ve really liked so far are the fight night skins out of all the packs the red and black is just nice and the syndrome skins but everytime a new pack comes out i only buy like 5-10 or until i get the characters i only bought 3 greatest hits and got a snub that i scrapped and 1 uir and one savage kantus along with a baird which i already had i dont mind spending my expendable income on gears 4 since nothing new is coming that i want to play until RE 2 comes out

i’m also curious as to what your profession is, as for me i’m a shift manager at a factory although i’m sure your wages where you live are much different from mine

It doesn’t bother me that people have money to buy packs. I have money and I buy silly things like $5.000 guitars. The only thing that bothers me is that the game is in this state and people are just shoveling money at TC, as if they are rewarding them for us getting kicked from lobbies, never fixing PC issues, using the absolute minimum necessary server resources to keep multiplayer running, etc. I won’t reward them for that.

With that said, my wife (who is less stubborn than I) ended up buying me a 5 pack as a gift because she knew I really wanted basketball Kantus for the longest time. Got him. But the rest of the packs were pretty lousy as far as content goes.


i suppose i buy the packs in hope the funds go to making gears 5 a better game someone said the packs get split 4 ways with 25% going to TC so maybe they use that 2.50$ per pack towards gears 5 who knows probably not but i like to think it does

Being that they don’t own the game but are contracted by Microsoft to make it, I believe their G5 budget would be dictated by MS and how much they are willing to pay TC to make the game. That’s how it works in some other industries anyway.

Not that I’m trying to tell you how to spend your money. Just sharing what I know about contract work.

supposedly the profits are split 4 ways 25% between esports/microsoft/TC/running events so based off that i assume tc would use their share for future projects so maybe the budget is already set but maybe if gears 4/gears 5 make enough extra $ they’ll become more likely to make more content for gears 5 because obviously if gears 4 packs are selling microsoft will be more willing to lend TC a little more budget in the future, but there’s no way to be sure