Great Ranking-System on paper but ruined for the LEAVERS

Great Ranking-System on paper but ruined for the LEAVERS.

TC do not understand anybody can have 10 profiles on their XBOX, Your way to punish LEAVERS is clearly not working and is imposible have a COMPETITIVE-GAME like this.

  • You should add a “RANK-LIMIT” on premades to avoid people HARD-CARRY their buddies. I saw premades with 2 onyx & bronzes. The max amount of "GP the game should allow is 1000 on low ranks, 750 on medium ranks and 500 on high ranks…

I could make a STREAM of 30-50 games to prove 90% of the games have ONE-LEAVER at least.

Even if i “adore” this new rank-system

With your actual “Playerbase” is not possible.

I toss some “Suggestions”

A) As soon somebody “Leave” everyone win/lose 75% the original GP.

  • Lets say you won 200 points if somebody “Quit” you earn 150 points

  • The entry cost for “Gold-game” is 130 GP if somebody “Quit” that will only cost 97 GP.

The frustation will be a lot “Less”

B) Using your internal “SCORE PER MINUTE STAT” make averages of performance for each rank and punish/reward the player based on that stats

KoTH single-round “ONYX player as example”

5 captures, 1 break, 20 eliminations score per minute “265”: If the player keep stats similars to that he will lose -100% points if the player overperform he will lose -50% if the player underperform he will lose +150%. Win/lose will have “impact” but normal not “HUGE”.