Great job ruining Checkout

Thanks for unnecessarily changing the ring locations on Checkout KOTH. I’m sure there is nothing more pressing or important to work on in Gears 5.


Wow, T.C. is weird


and remember someone paid had the idea and someone who is also paid worked probably a week or two to get it done.

I don’t mind the new hill locations

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I never quit ranked games but was close today when people kept voting checkout. I’ve never really enjoyed the map but after today it is no fun at all.

I’ve always thought rings should move locations and weapon spawns should switch as well (different weapons).

I think this will make for some frustrating play at first, but it will provide variety and stop the meat play style for a while.

Edit: now if we could just get spawn locations rotated

Don’t be silly, Checkout ruined itself by simply existing.

I would have preferred TC port almost any other map from 4.


You do realize that whoever made the ring location change, isn’t the person who does literally everything else at TC right? lmao. It’s so strange how people think “They did X so that means that time was taken away from working on Y”. It’s not like every employee at TC works on every single aspect of the game.


My statement doesn’t imply any such thing or thought… go ahead lyao.

Checkout has been dead like for 8 years now.

I actually really like the new locations

Nothing to cry about either way

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Dripping with Sarcasm, implies that precisely, actually.

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The rings were garbage in checkout before. I haven’t played in awhile, but I doubt they could be any worse. In fact, I’ve called for changing the rings for a long time now.


I thought something was dif

Checkout is trash to begin with.

Bathroom hills are stupid.

Funny as ■■■■ to me just mental. Get a grenade in there and you can get a right feed

Sure…those are always ready to go.

The ring change ruined it…?

Y’all take gaming way to seriously :neutral_face:

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