Great Job Rod and all the staffers at the coalition!

I have noticed how hard y’all have been working to make this the best gears game ever and I truly appreciate it. Gears has been my life since I played with my brothers since I was 10 and y’all have supported the hell out of your games post launch.

After I saw the video on the creation process of the new Xbox edition y’all made I had to preorder! Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone bring you guys down.

That and just as a little bit of input I would love to recommend the returning of gem themed characters again! I would love to see y’all take on for example a sapphire onyx guard skin!

But again I am loving everything I am seeing with what y’all did with gears:)



Are you a Southern Belle, crazy than hell by any chance :wink:

Everything in this thread confuses me.

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How much has TC paid you to say this? Or what content have they given you?

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A functioning game.


Absolutely nothing I am a loyal gears fan and I love what they have done to help me in times of stress and happy times!

I just don’t understand why your angry. if I decide to bring people up instead of bringing them down you call me a shill?

I got nothing but love for you brother bro but please man just look at the glass half full!

Cheers mate

Been playing gears since day 1 myself and won’t stop but it doesn’t mean I (or other people) have to like the game. I’m not angry…yet. Need to play it first and then I’ll make judgement and so far from the sounds of it, it might not get a well received welcome from the fans.