Grayson Hunt Should Be A Guest

Topic Says It All Above Its The Main Protagonist In Bullet Storm BTW


It would be cool, but I don’t think he’s well known enough to warrant putting him in. I think trishka would be a better fit.


bro the more the better if i was TC i would flood gears 5 with content why not add them both

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With so many great classic characters absent from the game I find it quite disappointing that people keep asking for more crossovers. :frowning:

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classic characters are a guaranteed comeback just like every gears game crossovers are new and its dope to see other characters from popular moives and games make it in why just stop at sarah ,t800,emile, and kat its so many more

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This is like making a Star Wars movie, leaving out R2-D2, and adding Batman.

bro why not thats funny as he// =D lmaooo just as comic relief id do something like that you take the game to serious its about having fun man and bodying people with batman would be bomb asf no lie even tho batman doesn’t use guns still be dope ( batman voice ) “enemy spot”

I guess more than anything I just want them to prioritize.

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Yes vanilla characters first All of them from all games and novels then implement the guest characters I can agree on that

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Is he not Epic property?

Definitely, rather him than Terminator WTF ???

I kinda of like the terminator it’s different :man_shrugging:t5: put more stupid guest in the game may as well let me be a juive with a gnasher the guest characters are kinda dope but I prefer vanilla characters first then guest

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Can’t. He’s property of Epic and EA I believe. We got Halo because Microsoft, and Terminator because of Dark Fate marketing. Grayson is too far fetched now that Epic is off doing something else.

Characters from Lost Planet make more sense,although unnecessary.

For sure, but TC can’t even put well known characters from their own franchise in MP. I just doubt we’d see anything along the lines of Grayson, even though it’d be awesome.

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Gearbox released the remaster for Bulletstorm so I assume it would be up to them?

Well if it’s Gearbox then it’d be Take Two, they ain’t exactly the sharing type.

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