Graphics card stopped working

Getting this constantly when playing on PC, and before people start to blame my computer its nothing wrong with it, i play other games without any problems :slight_smile: Is there a fix on the way or its already out?

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I also have that same problem since the game was updated and also since the nvidia drivers were updated, I already reinstalled the drivers but it still happens to me … I think it’s the game … the truth is really annoying … I want it solved because it doesn’t let me play!

I found someone telling to go back to the previous drivers, end of August. That fixed it for me for now :slight_smile:

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Yep, that was my fix too. It’s probably going to end up like gears 4 all over again where you’re going to have stay with an old update for the rest of the games lifespan.

Did it stop working or is your game crashing?

My game started crashing after the update/nvidia drivers as well and I had no crashes prior to that.

Still way better than what I went through with Gears 4.

Yeah it’s nvidia’s latest update causing the problems. We had to revert to the previous driver.

I might do that too if it gets too out of hand, It did effect my last few rank games a bit.