Granting The skiff, the ability to morph into a flying hot air balloon type thing, for gears 6?

Maybe in campaign to compensate for reviewer’s complaints about not having enough people or pit stops in gears 5, gears 6 can locations/people (pit stops) that can be reached w/the ability to change to a flying/floating vehicle that can then attach to ports or any cover to land and remain still.
Then maybe specific different beutiful scenery,(ie: a waterfall) can be seemingly incorporated into the open world elements as well. To make it less confusing to find things or to know when to morph into a flying vehicle; you use automatic response actions to happen automatically.

PS: what happened to my Mx Helios, thread? Does anyone know? Please tell me as I don’t know. I went on the forums to see what happened and it was non existent, so I did a google search to find it and when I clicked on it; it just says it either exist or is private…?

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It probably got flagged quite a bit because it wasn’t impressive to watch to most people here. After that, then they usually take it down.

They need to give the vehicle usable weapons and have roaming enemies if Gear 6 is open world.

Thank you. Now I know what happened. I was expecting if they use the same failed flagged system used on YouTube, and other sites; that just go by the fact that it was flagged… now I know.