Grace's bleeding skill can be activated by any weapon if she hold a mace as enemies get damage from her!

This video shows you she can activate the bleeding skill by a frame grenade and killed one warden and two paunser within 5 secs!

And another one shows you she can activate it by a torque bow.

As you can see in these videos, you can bleed enemies with these weapons if Grace wield a mace.
You may feel it’s harder than firing the JD’s lancer GL or Kate’s shotguns because you must need to change your weapon to a mace every time before an enemy get damage from her. but she is still a handy character!

It seems this technique is a glitch, but I don’t think the developer would fix this because Grace is a paid character imao. She could be an op character in the both of escape and horde modes if she has a chance to get a mace!

thank you for looking at this. and please spread it! thanks :slight_smile:


Of course a DLC char will have a bug that makes them more powerful. I bet they wont patch it for awhile so people will be “encouraged” to buy it. Then when sales have peaked they will fix it.


Having played Escape, this strategy won’t work easily on Master. Having a Warden that dies early on Master, doesn’t happen in any Map except The Hive and The Mines. But if Grace does get Breaker, Keegan would probably have the Boomshot and Frags. Unless there’s no Keegan. There is Incendiary and Shock Grenades which works too. But she can’t use this strategy on other Maps. Actually, The Mines has up to 3 Wardens too in 2nd Act. And there are Shock Grenades.

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haha, you’re definitely right thought xD

I bought this. For the terminator