Grace In Horde, is she even worth it?

Is she her own Hero? If she is, is she a meme like Kat? People who have her how is she?

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Too 3 worst characters.

T R A S H.

At the end of the day unless shes on JD’s level (which no one really is) shes not worth spending the money on

JD is JD, his playerbase is too toxic and braindead for me to ever main. That rep I don’t want to be associated with

But Grace was an afterthought because I barely any see anyone use her.

It’s good to know that all the guest characters besides Emile are ■■■■■■■

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Grace* in Gears, is she even worth it…


*Likewise T800, Sarah,Halo etc…


I agree about JDs player base. I only used him because he’s the most powerful. But unless you also play vs and want to be cheesy and use the Terminators spending $20 only to use Grace in horde I think is just a waste of money


Thanks for your input, I ain’t buying her Butch self now.

Miss me with that Nicholas Cruz Cut.

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She looks like Justin Beiber :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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It’s like they didn’t even bother to scan her in more than once.

Like my God is that scan rugged asf

I mean she looks like Justin Beiber in the movie also so I don’t know what TC could have done

I mean go look at her skin in-game it’s tinted like a funking lumpy month old tomato lmfaoo

The actress doesn’t have tinted skin like that.

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Shes good against carriers, but seeing as carriers were never an issue for high level players shes not worth it imo

Those terminators are straight up hacks, slender, hard to see and have absolutely no voice lines, whereas every other character has to shout at the top of there lungs after an active reload, just not fair.

Me when I first saw these in game and after a few matches with them:


What drives me crazy about them is that I can hear a DB from across the map but I can’t hear a t800/rev 9 right next to me


Yup, hate to spoil the characters for others, but they should get the deebee voice lines in ranked imo, can’t exactly remove em now :man_shrugging:

If I remember correctly TC said something along the lines of the can’t change anything because of the contract or rights. They were talking about adding a red outline or something to make them a little easier to see.

But what TC really needs to do is not allow them in ranked. If they aren’t allowed in Eaports then they shouldn’t be allowed in ranked


Yeah I completely agree with this

She gets Stim from every melee hit. Her Legendary does explosion from melee kills, on a smaller scale than Cole’s Legendary, All the Glory. She has Breaker Mace bleed and damage resistance when near Sarah Connor, Taking damage in close quarter recharges her Ult faster. Her Ult is infinite melee stun, a cross between Lahni’s and Sarah’s which can completely stun Bosses and not let them hit back. But against a Warden, it does zero damage. So if you played lower difficulty, the explosion melee kills might look fun. But she’s not used much. Still a melee character, while there’s Lahni, Cole, Emile and even Lizzie who gets Stim from any hits.

Grace handsome man

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I think this is a problem with Horde. Early difficulties your free to play however you want. Higher up everyone is sitting behind fences. Your either raining explosives as JD and to a lesser degree, Keegan. Your bleeding things with Kait’s overkill. Everyone else is spamming tri shots. There’s not many different ways to play past a certain point because the enemies have too much health, they hit too hard and they never miss.

My opinion but I still use Kat from time to time. That hologram is probably the best ult out of the 3 engineers. Especially once I learned the distraction perk counts on all weapons and not just the snub.
As for the OP’s question. I rarely see Grace and she is the only character I don;t have. Don’t want her either. If they made a totem for her I might work to unlock her but that won;t happen because she is a licensed character.

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