Grace Horde Fab Builds?

So what can grace build with the fab?I’m not gonna buy her just to find out,so i’m asking here frist,i found info on her cards but nothing on her fab build options.

T800s, hopefully.

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Decoys and Shock Sentries.

Her perks are health boost, health regeneration, feedback boost, amd speed boost.

She starts with an Overkill, Snub and Enforcer so she can buy these weapons too.

So she just has almost the same stuff as sarah connners,not much point buying her and a empty headed tremenator.

Grace shouldn’t really be buying stuff anyway.

Grace is a good Escape character though.

Initially no, but as the price goes up it sometime means that non-Engineers can buy things for cheaper.

Indeed it does, but it does require some communication from the Del at that point, as they may have the reduced cost card.

That’s why I said that, and to be honest I should’ve been a little clearer on this.