Grace Gold Card, GSD

Hey guys, please, does anyone have a clue what GSD stands for?

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No idea. I imagine it’s a reference from the movie (which I saw but have no recollection of that acronym). Could stand for Grace, Sarah, Dani. The three main characters in the movie.

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German Shepard dog?


Grenade strike detonation.

Graceful silent deadly

Gender & sex diversity,

I think 3 is most likely considering her appearances and the 400 pride flags… lmao


Hahaha, Great Suggestions Dudes!

My googling kept coming up with the German Shepherd also :joy:
I read a few pages about the film too but found nothing.

Grievous Sodily Darm?

Damn, it’s a bit of a mystery.

The movie is a travesty.

It did what Skynet couldn’t, tank the franchise and kill John Connor for good.

Whenever I see someone playing as Sarah Connor, I ask myself “why?, why are you playing an old Linda Hamilton in Gears of all games?

… would have at least been cool to give her a T2 skin.


A T2 Sarah Connor skin would be sick. Minus the old lady voice but I could live with it lol.

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Exactly. If the sponsored content actually had work done…

T2 Sarah Connor would at least match the whole aesthetic of Gears somewhat. And why isnt Rev a skin of the T800, because they’re not different enough to be two models in-game. Maybe if he had the black ooze on parts of his skeletal model, they could have justified it?

i just want to know what the letters GSD stand for. Somebody who works for the coalition has to know…

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Gears Should Die


Girls Should Date

Gregory’s Sensitivities Divulged.

Gather Seven Daffodils.

It’s a tricky one but I think we are getting closer.

revive me!