Grace bleed card not working?!

I just bought Grace via the terminator bundle (since it was on sale) and of course I get f***** by TC again cause her card for bleed with breaker mace attacks doesn’t work! Is TC even going to address this?

They’re working on it. The card broke after TC patched out a glitch which caused the Grace barriers to bleed enemies. Not known when it will be fixed.

Submit a ticket and wait like everyone else.

I haven’t heard them say a peep about it. Through ‘official channels’ or whatnot. I would hope they have their crack team of top scientists working night and day - sifting through the spaghetti - but i couldn’t actually say for sure either way. Was kinda hoping they’d turn the bleed back on for the weekend, but no…

She is also in dire need of a tune up; cards, abilities, loadout - but that’s a topic for another day.

It was just a marketing strategy you’re a dumb jajajajja offering a great advantage for a limited time cause the bleeding has to work properly as the card says… The patch it’s ok cause people was abusing of that glitch

I bought the character pack initially because i like Mackenzie Davis - short haircut or not - i think she’s a fox. This was a month or more before i heard anything about bleeding barriers. I take deep offense sir (or madame) at your searing insult calling me, and others who paid the extra - dummies.
The ‘patch’? It’s not ok because it renders the character nearly impotent.

To me there is little difference between Grace and say - Marcus speed running Master, save the fact that Grace could handle every boss - all by her lonesome.


U don’t need anyone of those two if you want to speedrun a map that way to play was creating non skilled players and the card has an error as the baird card at the begining of the OP2 and has to be patched as baird just enjoy the moment cause nothing is forever

F*** Grace Bieber.


Must you, like everytime?

What is it about her that triggers you so hard?
Her boy bob?
That she is the tallest character in the game?
That she wooped ■■■ in Dark Fate?
That she’s bossy?
That she played a strong woman character?

I’ve found that she evokes the extreems. Either hate and ire, or wanton admiration. Part of why i like using her.

Overall it’s on par with me saying F - Batman, just not as vulgar.

Is that an apology? I can’t tell.


Her existence.

But you can’t. He’s Batman.


Well Played.


I was considering buying Grace just for completion’s sake with the current sale, but looking at her cards, I pretty much wouldn’t use her as essentially, she’s a brawler and when you have Cole, Emile and Lahni who in my opinion already do a brilliant job and from reviewing cards look the much better overall package, it doesn’t seem worth it even with the sale price.


Her mace was the best in the game. The bleed built, compounded and expanded upon it self with consecutive hits. Especially useful for bosses with the ult stunner. With the other melee characters, they are still swiping while Grace was already long gone. GSD is a blast, literaly and figuratively. They fix her bleeding barrier, and other things, she still needs some tuning and attention i’ll give you that. and with her bleed card being ‘turned off’ i would not recommend purchasing the pack.

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Lahni and Emile stack a similar Mace bleed with both the ground slam and regular lunge attack. While also having higher bleed %. So not even that is unique to Grace.

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Neither have bleed that lasts for five seconds with each swipe. Thats how she out classes them exponentially. It shows up greatly when attacking the bosses. It’ doesn’t show so much versus the mini bigs, the wardens yes, the scions not so much but it’s still there. Nor can either lahni or Emile stun lock the ground bosses with their ult.

Time played with Grace, Lahni, and Emile.
2days 11 hours with Grace.
1 Day flat with Lahni.
Emile is nine hours.
Kait is my number two with 1 day eight hours.
I know my supergirls.

All bleed lasts 5 seconds with one tick every second. The PvE lead said this outright himself in a different thread.

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I’ve played them. I’ve seen it, done it. i stand by what i said. With the mace they don’t wipe bosses as easily as Grace. i attack bosses in the same manner as grace with either of the other two melee characters and i’m like damn this is taking too long. When it comes to just melee capabilites, lahni and Emile are very similar if not identical. Grace (was) unique, The biggest melee hitter in the game overall.

Yeah… I’d need video footage to support that claim. Nothjng to do with you, I have just been taught not to believe everything at face value without solid proof to back it up.

More so because I have killed Wardens faster with Lahni than I have ever seen Grace do.

Fair enough. I just added you as a friend, but you have zero gamerscore and only gears 3 on your account, whats up with that? Whats your real gamertag?

As far as proof? her bleed card is borked, so that can’t be done, and even it was active, i’m not familar at all with making clips and videos, and not really keen on learning unless it was spoonfed to me and also super quick and easy. Not time consuming. I’m just sharing my experience.