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GPass players, do you buy any microtransactions?

If you are or know a gamepass gears 5 player, do you buy the cosmetic/character microtransactions? If you have, why? You don’t own the game and you most likely won’t have gamepass forever, so why buy anything? For the people who bought gears at MSRP, did you regret buying anything (other than the game) in Gears 5?

Yes I regret buying the game. Especially the fact I got the Ultimate Edition when game pass got the same exact bonus pack…

What am I saying I don’t even play Gears 5 anymore :laughing:

I don’t think you are going to get what you want out of this thread since you show in the question that you plan on attacking them for their desicion. The real question is why does anyone buy microtransactions? Let’s up it up to everyone no judgement (At least not written).

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yes, as I haven’t paid for the game therefore can spend the money I saved on getting extras.
and i’ll probably have gamepass for a while seen as im enjoying it.
If stop gamepass i’ll buy gears at a discount, win win all round


I had Gears 5 UE through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I paid for Boost. They were useful for everything PvE, Supply and XP related. Like @Stannis_d_Manis said, I could buy Gears 5 at discount after Game Pass Ultimate expired.

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No, I don’t buy microtransactions, for any game for that matter, regardless of how I get to play them. Never have and likely never will.


I can understand boost and characters as they are at least saving you time and time is money. But the skins are what confuse me, can’t believe I’m in the minority not understanding this concept but it’s a billion dollar industry so I must be wrong.

I certainly don’t regret my Gears 5 Xbox One X.

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I kinda regret buying those USA weapon skins, because they released those Glitched Esports skins like a few days/week later…

Things I bought from the store so far are:

  • Niles Gnasher (with the free Iron from Gears 4)
  • Helmetless Warden
  • USA loadout set
  • Glitched loadout set
  • S.T.F.U. bloodspray (kinda silly, but I couldn’t resist)

Have to admit, I didn’t pay for my Iron myself. Got 2000/$20,- worth as a birthday present.

I did buy the $150,- costing Lancer replica though… :sweat_smile:

TL; DR Got GPU until October 2021 for $1. Decided to spend like $80 so far in the game, because I’m having fun and love some of the cosmetics thus far, When my GPU runs out, the game will be for like $10 so I don’t mind waiting till then to own it,

Yep, I got it from GPU so I entered “free” (in the sense that I took advantage of the offers Microsoft provided, I paid $1 to move my 2 years of remaining gold so I have 1.5 years of free Game Pass in that sense). From there I enjoyed the campaign enough that I decided to show some way of support, and decided to buy the OP2 deal when it came out (loved the Eclipse set and also didn’t play Horde when OP2 launched so I didn’t want to unlock them by doing their requirements).

Frankly, I enjoyed so much of Escape playing and Guardian (I am a casual player so I don’t how much about how the Ranked is currently, however I admit that sometimes it puts me in matches where it is impossible to get kills, and sometimes I end up being straight MVP of the match), so I decided to show my support and spent $50 I think? Got all of the Scorpio skins when they were at the Store recently, got the Chrome Steel Kantus and am sitting with like 6k Iron for future cosmetics I like on the future, having spend around the same $60 as it would cost to just purchase it (if not for GP). Sure, in October 2021 my subscription will run out and “lock me out” of my Iron bought, but at that point the game will be like, what, $10 to own? (I’ve already seen it at around $20 on cdkeys),

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Yeah I never planned on attacking anyone, don’t know why you have to say that was 100% my intention

I got the game on game pass initially for early access but after the two months I just bought it at the discounted price.

I bought a few things early but if I add everything up I only actually spent a little over $60 overall.

Yes I got it on gamepass and I’ve spent a good amount on cosmetics, I use markers a lot so I’ve gotten those that have interested me. I was against gamepass when I first heard of it, but now I absolutely love it. I’ve played through games I normally wouldn’t have played, and bought more customization items in Gears,Halo,Sea of Thieves ect… that I normally wouldn’t have.
As someone else in this forum I think already said, I can go buy a physical copy if it went away, but the discs dont hold the whole games anyway, all games require a download

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I also dont understand this statement, its successful now why would it go anywhere? Plus regardless if you "own " the game or not, I can play it whenever I want. Cosmetic purchases are a digital product, it’s not like if you have purchased the game it’s more secure in anyway. The content is saved to my profile.

I would just think because you don’t have the license to own the game forever that it would be a harder sell for digital goods. Of course your items will stay on your profile forever but I have a hard time understanding buying digital goods for a game you basically “rent”. Looking back I did kinda word it badly.

Cheap green skins, long term game pass plan, likely to buy gears 5 for $20 or less later anyways XD

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I gamepassed it. Didn’t buy anything. I did spend about $200 in transactions in the previous game. And, I’ve spent about $200 in the free-to-play game Paladins since Oct. So, I’m not outright against transactions or unwilling to spend money.
If I were playing Gears 5 more I would have bought stuff.

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Gamepass for a few months, got lucky with a super discount and got it for about a year for very little.

Bought about $45 bucks worth. Iron because some of the skins were pretty dope and the Pixel+Pixel Omen loadout skins, and the Op 2 pass for the weapon skins cuz they look sweet.

Vanity purchases despite the inevitability of it being in vain. The design team makes some baller stuff, plus I’m almost playing the game for free.

I don’t buy the Esports stuff because I don’t really care.

Your disc of Gears 4 and Gears 5 is essentially a glorified download code. You don’t own those games either.

Sadly, that’s the harsh reality of tons of games nowadays. Wish that wasn’t the case.

Bought the Game, the console, the pads (see other Gears for same) etc, I even have 3 fleece Gears blankets. It is a passion.
I have bought £50 of iron, Do I regret that ? I don’t think so, but I wish the store was better, in saying that I would totally except TC getting rid of it, to spend time on maps!

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I’m hoping we get better skins too, but more characters in the long run = more possibilities so I’llprobably be spending more.
I prefer to buy iron a fiver at a time, makes it less painful.