GP System Ruined Ranked Play

Hello Everyone

I find Gears 5’s newly introduced GP system to be a poor substitute for the older scoring systems in Gears 1-4. The GP system doesn’t accurately award players for kills, damage done during assists, downs and revives. Kills, downs, revives and assists should be measured appropriately and proportionately do determine a players score.

The GP system strips down the assessment of player performance during match. I have reached high onyx multiple times in Gears 4 and 5. The older points system gave me a good indicator of how well I was actually playing and contributing during a match. Now with the introductions of eliminations and the way GP is scored, I find competitive ranked play unrewarding.

The GP system in my opinion, doesn’t properly measure player performance. Therefore, I don’t think it belongs in ranked play. As I find ranked play to be inaccurate assessed, I have lost much of my motivation to play ranked. As I can play poorly or very well during different matches and get rewarded with similar scores regardless of how well I played.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.


I agree! It takes a big amount of time to make it to (Onyx) now…

Losing a match is pretty devastating now, because you barely rank up. :worried: Plus, no placement matches. So it takes even longer to get to ‘your’ appropriate rank.

It focuses too much on team performance, instead of rewarding ‘good’ players for playing well… Really makes it feel unrewarding to keep on grinding… (Especially as a Solo player…)

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The presence of elimination based GP is terribly flawed. It’s too easy to gain GP from eliminations, especially when you can farm points by getting assists. Currently the only mode that is properly scored in ranked is free-for-all.

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FFA does it perfectly I’ll be Master in it by this Weekend

The GP in free-for-all is more acceptable because it’s scored based on how well you place in a match. Additionally your points in match are based on your kills.


Yeah, I was thinking about switching to that instead of KOTH. But I’m almost Silver 3 in that mode already so…

Gp is lame tc is more lame.

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GP in my opinion is a liberal scoring system that gives everyone who plays easy gratification. It’s a poorly thought out system. I got sick of playing KOTH matches were I couldn’t earn points in the 3rd round. Hate the seemingly random and inaccurate MVP awards, Plus low skill players scoring just as well as their more skilled teammates. And people obviously farming assists to get easy GP.