GP System is not balanced, only rewards wins, everyone besides it gets similar perfomances

King of The Hill game mode:
40 eliminations = 2 points each = 80 points max
10 captures = 1 point each = 10 points max
10 broken circles = 1 point each = 10 points max

The thing is, every single player manages 40 eliminations, doesn’t matter if you are good, since you’re counting assists as eliminations, everyone gets it. What I mean by it? That a bronze friend of mine is gold now, and he is not performing better than before, it’s just that anyone can achieve 40 eliminations and captures/broken circles rarely differ too much between players, which makes victory the only thing that differenciates players.

One more example: Before, atleast in TDM, you would get 150 points for a downed/killed player, if you downed someone he would get 150 points while his teammate who finished the downed guy would get 10 points.
That was fair, I didn’t care if the eliminations would be similar even though the gameplay said otherwise, but the score would show how different the performance is between this two players. Right now, grazing someone with a snub or solo killing someone means the same in the score. I can literally just keep shooting a lancer from distance and barely creating damage and still get 40+ eliminations,.

My suggestion: Change eliminations to kills, we already have that data in the game, who downed or straight killed an opponent gets rewarded points.

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