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Gow5's gameplay feels generic

Well yeah. If I’m playing ranked I’m in it to win. I’m not just gonna stand by and let you have your little 1v1 when I can easily kill the other guy and help win the match. If you wanna have a 1v1, start a private match.


OP nailed it.


Lancer feels like a Retro Lancer. There aren’t really firefights or support. You either get in cover or simply die. I’d hate to see how quick a Retro Lancer downs in this game.

From a distance, not as quick as I downed people in 4. It’s got lot of recoil.

oh I understand and do it as well, my point was the longer a Gnasher battle goes on the bigger chance that someone comes along for backup anyway. so it might be better the battle is over quicker. Referring to OP Gnasher.

When I have had the rare chance to retro on this game, it seems not too op. It still has a lot of recoil, which is good, maybe even more so

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I think it has more recoil for sure. That or just different enough I’ll have to relearn