Gow5's gameplay feels generic

After 4 days of playing gow5 ranked, I find myself constantly feeling distanced from the online games I’ve been involved in due to the fast paced, yet no filling, gameplay

My main concern is the STRONG aim-assist and hip-fire power of the gnasher of which has 1v1 situations ending after a mere couple of shots fired. Long gone are the days of that tense and decisive 1v1 cropping up mid-match, which could last quite the while as opponents dodged(/wall bounced) and tried to outplay eachother with slick moves and gunplay. Now it’s just shoot blindly and hope to survive, such usually being decided by whos aim-assist kicks in fastest

It leads to ground being controlled too fast due to fights not lasting more than a couple of seconds, thus deeming matches non-memorable and tiresome

Anyone agree? I see not much of the gears of war I knew and love and more a generic pick up & play title


Of course the kills basically mean nothing in gears 4 and 5.

They don’t understand what made the kills feel great and important in UE, how to balance (or anything resembling balance) or make the MP fun.

I’ve played gears since 06 and UE is damn near perfection in terms of balance. The lancer has a smaller clip takes far longer to own and more skill is needed to use it. They started to increase pellet damage and widening of shotgun blast in 4.

Why are they doing this to all these fans, the only real answer can be money frankly. That or they are VERY out of touch with what makes gears great.


The shotgun is very OP as you say. There’s no shotgun battles anymore. It’s one shot and a couple of pellets from your second and it’s a down. It’s too easy.


Come play UE a real Mp title :slight_smile:

The new aim assist throws me off compared to gears 4 while lancering, I find my self shooting behind targets than leading shots than I did in gears 4
Range of the gnasher is just too much imo
They should just give us the option to turn off aim assist


Excellent post. Agree 100%


It takes longer and is less skill based because the bullets don’t always fly straight, and instead are dependent on RNG to hit whatever you’re aiming at. How is anything RNG-based skill?

I’m sorry are you trying to say that less recoil and higher damage equals more skill?

You aren’t making any sense.

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Oh when will TC learn that competing for 100$ of market share against 100 other competitors is the same as competing for just 1$ being the only competitor. But of course, greed overpowers simple economics for the big wigs at TC/MS.

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I tried playing UE’s multiplayer when I played the game about 4 months back for the first time, but sadly I couldn’t find a match ever. I’ll try again, though, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no aim assist in ranked lol.

I’m playing now, and I think losing the aim-assist and narrowing the gnasher spread would work wonders. As is, the gnasher blast cover covers 2/3 of a corridor, matched with the aim-assist, leads to too deadly of a weapon in even the most novice of hands

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100% agree.

Gears 5 is very far from the original gears that stemmed its popularity and originality.

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Generic is a good word to describe my interest in the match by round 3 of KOTH.

It doesn’t grip me like 4 does.

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Totally agree

Also, when I’m aiming with the gnasher, I don’t want my crosshair to suddenly slow to a stop when in a cqc situation. Such just puts me off in such a moment

Like many plus yourself have said, just allow us to turn aim-assist off if we want to. Most of us have been playing games via controller since we were kids; we know how to aim in a game without needing assist. I’ve noticed this trend of aim-assist being heavily implimented into games since the release of the xb1 and ps4 a number of years back now, and it’s only getting worse as titles come and go

I play a shooting game to test my reflexes and challenge myself. The satisfaction from such is where I find allure to keep coming back - with that gone, due to aim-assist limiting me, there’s no pull for me to continue. It’s like me playing Forza Motorsport and being forced to have the car be heavily influenced by the a.i. to the extent that I’m not even steering anymore. Where’s the fun for anyone other than children?

I think that’s where the past Gears, especially Gow5, have got things wrong in that experienced players have been almost insulted by out of no where having their true skill shackeled in favour of the devs opting to go the ‘everyone is equal; everyone is happy’ route, purely to cash in on the series’ prestige/name and reach a bigger(yet less caring) audience


FFS turn off auto-aim in ranked! Whoever did this, what are you 12? :confused:
Not fun to play at all. :-1:


My biggest problem and that of the people I have talked with from my friends list and a couple of my sons friends lists seem to be that the game needs work on the mp. They, as do I, get a Gears 4 vibe. And so it feels a little stale. Still getting the same random damage, not registering hits, and stuff just like 4 and the test. I jumped into the campaign and immediately I felt like I was having a great time. Been a while since I loaded a good single player campaign that I was into. But Gears third person is not as common as a lot of the FPS out there. So it was nice. And I have been enjoying it.

I thing that is something though that has gotten people. They see a different game but it is very much like the previous with minor things changed. And it feels like more of what they have been playing and they get bored quick. Some just do not like the maps. Some hate the hit and damage junk they get. And really, Gears just needs some polish. I think a big problem with that is that some of the “best” players would be super pissed if they truly fixed it.

There is in “core” modes.

how many shotgun 1v1 battles were interrupted by a lancering /flanking second player anyways when they go too long. in some ways the type of players are changing too. not many still leave kills, shoulder nudge to challenge, or leave 1v1 alone these days.

I’m looking to reunite us players and matchmake 2 times a week. I have a few players already.

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