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GoW5 Ranking System is by far the WORST OF ALL TIME

This post is mainly to the Game creators, please fix your horrible ranking system. Hands down worst ranking algorithm ever created. As a top 1% tier player on GoW5 it’s absolutely disgusting to see myself drop 200% between two games because I get MVP and still lose because oftrash randoms with half a brain draging me down!!! you kidding me!?! I keep getting stuck playing with silvers and bronze as a onyx/diamond player. How is that even fair to anybody?!

Here’s the simple fix to your current trash a** ranking system:



The entire God damn gears community!

P.S. Your game is full of matchmaking bugs and just in case you missed it, this new ranking system is absolute hot garbage. It’s literally ruining all ranked matchmaking for gears period.


hahahahah that’s a new one. :smile:

never heard of that one before.

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There’s another fix. Remove it entirely.

No more frustration about not gaining points when you were due them, no more specific play styles to achieve rank status and no more constant complaining posts plaguing these forums. Simple. It’ll be back to the way it used to be: we play to win and have fun. Your only “rank” is your personal level.

It’s only getting worse.


My biggest complaints are losing points 5v4 because not enough points to go around and the fact that you get punished if youre a support player.


Im honestly hoping they dont change the ranking. Because what their plan is actually makes it worse. I dont think its that bad right now. The hit detection is horrendous though. And the matchmaking is pretty bad.

I agree with the ranking system it’s terrible especially if your not in a squad all the time and you get put into a match with players that aren’t on the same level as you! Between that and people leaving yet you still lose points? The whole ranking and matchmaking is starting to make me not want to play the game and I’ve been playing since gears first began the only reason I have an Xbox is to play gears!

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Just finished this evenings session, 4am !

Nah, I wouldn’t want this, because when I run a 3 or 4 man, I get people like this on my team nearly every game without fail.

He can’t even muster a tenth of last place on the enemy team. If he gained XP from matches like this, it’d only ensure he has a crappy time for longer as he’ll continue to be paired with players he can’t compete with, and it’ll piss off more people because it allows him to stay in this bracket he doesn’t belong.

I’m all for tweaking the system, but I dislike the whole “Gain for a win, lose for a loss” system. It should be smart enough to know if you’re a total F***in brick at the very least and make adjustments.

That’s who Tc decided to cater this game to…it was a smirt idea

the thing is that they didn’t want people to get carried to ranks, which i understand and agree with. the problem is that the ranking system is way too overcomplicated for a community that cannot support it mostly due to its population and quitting problem.

should i be able to carry my grandpa to masters? no, that would be a pathetic system.
should i mega carry my team but go down because i lose due to terrible teammates? nope.

my best idea is to always give the winning team positive points but do it according to performance, where the person getting carried at the bottom CAN NOT surpass the best player in the lobby that happened to be on the losing team - meaning that you could also gain points if you lose but are clearly deserving of positive points.

that way, my grandpa could never be the same rank as a deserving player but he could definitely feel good about himself as an upper rank because he is rolling with the “homies” and winning all night.

The ranking system isn’t the problem. The fundamentals of the game and the matchmaking are the problems. The ranking system actually works somewhat decent even though there are certain people exploiting known weaknesses.

I really feel your pain in the same boat in gow 4 I was onyx diamond here I get on the verge of onyx and drop 10k in points get MVP and beat the favored team and I lose 500 to 800 pts how is it possible just leave the ranks out of it and go back to gears 1 through 3 just leader boards that way the only thing that matters is winning the game problem solved

Well if ranked and matchmaking is going to be this broken then they might as well.

This ranking system is bull crap my rank does not reflect my stats. I shound be bronze 1


Oh ye n stuff hes right

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I was screwed even before the game started, nobody was above level 30 non re-upped on my team. Gears 5 has the worst matchmaking/ranking I’ve ever seen.