GoW5 Movement Feels Like a Downgrade to GoW4

Something about it just doesn’t feel right… There’s so many things that I can do in GoW4 movement-wise that I can’t do in GoW5. The movement feels like a total downgrade. Does anyone else feel this way? Also, the Snub is slow as hell! The GoW4 Snub feels so much better! Obviously it’s just a Tech Test and things are subject to change, but I just wanted to bring that to everyone’s attention.


To me Gears 5 feels smoother than 4.


In the stream yesterday tc octus said it supposed to be a tad slower then gears 4 and on purpose. I noticed it as well. I do think the gameplay is smooth but I wish they would make movement and rodeo run at least 5-10 percent faster then what it is.


It’s not about the smoothness, but about the utility that the movement provided. Like I said, there’s things that I can’t do anymore that was in GoW4’s movement as well as previous games. It might be smoother (Feels a little clunky to me), but it took away many of the crucial movement options that I utilized in previous games. Sure, I can still bounce like a maniac, but I can no longer back-A and move to the opposite end of the cover to easily cover both sides if I’m being double-teamed or if I’m trying to confuse my opponent. My character will just take cover a few inches to the side after I back-A and attempt to go to the opposite end. It’s just not right to me.


To me gears 4 is faster than 5. Wall bouncers easily understand !


I know what you mean.
I’m all for the slight buffing wall bouncing has received though (always found it a pretty ridiculous thing to witness that just broke immersion for me).
The main thing i’m noticing is that snapping into cover seems to be less precise, almost as if it takes a moment to run the animation before you can do anything else. It feels almost like after playing gears 4 you have to actively slow down your play style around cover for it to actually work in 5. Not a good thing in my opinion.


Gears 4 movement was toned from Gears UE.

I see a pattern developing.

Exactly! I mean, if I know how to use my cover and be quick with my inputs, why should I have to slow down? It just doesn’t make any sense!

I’ve noticed my skill level drop dramatically just because of these small changes, feels weird obviously but I don’t see the removal of these features as a positive. I’m all for making the game a bit slower but the game just doesn’t feel as tight now. The movement is definitely better than it was last week though.

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Movement feels very limited and stiff at times.


The movement is absolutely clunky and unpredictable…Its terrible.


If we could get back to Gears 2 speed that’d be great, the days when Gears was more unique and less fast paced like other shooters.

But in relation to Gears 4… 5 feels much smoother

I’m with the consensus here. One thing is slowing down the game and wallbouncing but the movement just doesn’t feel right.

Have you all not felt that you could have outplayed the opponent but then just go full red and go down or get mega chunked?

It does feel smooth to me like @HappyButtSlappy said and I agree with @U_Gunna_Get_Got that it should be slightly faster.

My issue with it is that it feels kinda like horde/campaign movement of the previous games. It feels too restricting.

UE was slow but did it feel restricting? Not at all.

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It feels all right where it is, IMO. GoW4 was way too fast. WAY TOO FAST. This is more in line with 2 in how it feels. So far, to my knowledge, all of the weapons feel fine/balanced. As someone who played from Day1 GoW1, this is feeling like GoW again to me.

And I also see a LOT of people talking ■■■■ about the whole Esports scene with this series but lemme say something…

this series probably wouldn’t be AROUND if it wasn’t for the scene support throughout the years. GoW1 and future there were ALWAYS HARDCORE PLAYERS who loved the game to death. We watched the tournaments, we played in them, we voiced our concerns for new games if we were getting them, etc. You think they were pulling prize pools of a million dollars and all that from nowhere? It’s THANKS TO THE COMPETITIVE SCENE.

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You are delusional man.


Citation needed

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The wall bouncing is fine. I have no issues with the speed or anything.

I don’t even have an issue with the roadie run speed.

It’s the limitations of the cover mechanics. Not sliding to cover after a roll is a huge one. It’s not smooth at all to me.

Off topic but the aim assist is atrocious. It does the exact opposite for me and makes it more difficult to aim.

I was hoping to see some more noticeable changes this weekend from the last, but it’s the same game. Disappointment.


Its noticeable straight away if you’re well versed in the Gears series. Making it slower is catering towards casuals.

I also think their are more delays or they are longer too. Which is just another way to nerf movement etc and cater to casuals.

People need to know the difference between movement and smoothness. This should be a more polished game and so you should expect everything to be smoother. Not forgetting the new servers its now on too. Combine these two and its thoroughly expected to run smoother.

The movement though, is definitely a downgrade, just like the omen and many other things.


Very much agree. Not too crazy about the movement. Maybe it’ll grow on me but as for right now wishing movement felt more familiar.

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Movement speed needs to be increased, i have also found running into teammates more of an issue than ever before, it is really annoying