GOW5 Make it right this time

Please TC make gears great again with gow5 follow gow2 as example, weapon balance and how they work and movement, there is a reason why gow2 is the best selling game.

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Gears of War 2 being the top selling game in the franchise doesn’t really say much about it’s quality.

And after 2 betas and 2 bothced releases, you seriously think TC has it in them to match or exceed the original trilogy?

Be prepared for the same dumb **** in this game for the future releases.

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Well gow2 is the best for me and its the game that just like gow1 brought most of the gearheads but u are right i dont think tc is capable of makin gear great again look how they are still testing comp and the game has been out for 2 years already lol thats why am making these threads to see if am able to make them notice why Gears is Gears showing back gow2 or gow1.