Gow5 fine overall but exe whack also question about oldies

Started playing 6 months ago after LONG gaming hiatus. Game plays fine really gears has always been twitchy each game in its own way. I will say bouncing seems to be less effective in a way that’s hard to explain. At least not as much as other games may be better way to say it… it’s OK

Mostly wanted to say IMO this execution is big trash. Dbno kill w/o finish gib or headshot, boomshot kills half the team minimum (if you’re not a scrub) on 80% of maps. and the ring showdown is big time anti clutch (pun intended duh). Absolutely ruins the game type. Hoping to see it return to normal next gears.

Also how’re you people playing the old games. I signed on 2/3and judgement one almost no players and 2 so trippy laggy garbage unplayable… what am I missing here…

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You can still find TDM and KOTH in 3 and only Guardian in 2. You have to remember the game relies on hosts and not dedicated servers and with how little people are playing, the games are more often than not are going to be mad laggy.

Ok… wondered cuz I figured they wouldn’t have servers up… good point thanks. Not worth trying lol