GOW5 Achievement List


Words do not describe how excited i am about Gears 5. I have all the gears games and its the only game I play. this will be the 1st time for me playing at launch and 4 days early no less.

I was wonder how the achievement work on a game launch? where and when can i see the list before the game launches? I have 161 achievement on GOW4 and will knock out 2 more late this month.

RD out!!

Well I hope you come back for a potential answer or some insight.

The achievements will likely be finalised and published closer to launch.

Right now they are focusing on each aspect of the game.

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lol yes never left. I guess it was a bad ending to the post.

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Achievement sites typically have them posted anywhere from 1 day up to two weeks before they are released. That is if they are leaked. I usually check True Achievements mostly

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Yeah, this is my experience.

Although I long stopped caring for achievements, I’ll unlock what I unlock by just playing the game.

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Not gonna lie, achievements are vital for me because it gives that particular game replay value. I tend to replay it a few times to get achievements.

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Yeah, that’s a valid point.

I guess normally I play games for the story once and then I’ve gotten my value out of them.

If there’s a compelling MP, then that’s what I move over to.

But I completely understand where you are coming from :v:


Note that sometimes Achievements are kept under wraps as they can be potential spoilers.

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Indeed my friend.

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I am goal oriented by nature, so for me its a quest and an added distraction after all the champagne , horde, speed-runs, Skill cards and class leveling, challenges and ranking play.

my biggest quest just ended getting chest candy and seriously 4.0. I am down to my last three on GOW4 2 are the iron man ones.

To each thier own i say.

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There’s probably already a full list along with future DLC achievements, complete with a how-to-guide up on TrueAchievements. lol

They would’ve been made ages ago, typically loads will be story related, difficulties, horde, escape etc. And they won’t spoil the game cause they’ll be hidden otherwise. I’m really looking forward to gears 5, game pass first if its good, i may buy it.