GOW4 VS GEARS 5(Which one currently more broken?)

With the loooooonnnnnnnnggggggg list of technical issuses clearly both gow4/gears5 seem to be racing at brakeneck speed to see how one or the other can be the current most broken one.So which one do you think is leading?

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I haven’t a clue tbh

They’re both equally as annoying

Gow4 does have a bit more enjoyability because of the new gow5 tuning

GoW4 is overall a much much better video game. I don’t think it’s even that close — the issues I have with Gow5 are all present in Gow4, but Gow4 is slightly more consistent, there’s a slightly bigger skill gap and ceiling etc. The only thing wrong with Gow4 compared to 5 is that in Gow4 you have to play on 60fps which is jarring.

You even have nicer characters and weapon skins in Gow4 — like much nicer. We’re on what, month 20? Still no SK.


Classic Shino Post.



Ever since TC decided players didn’t deserve offline mode anymore gears 5 offically became 99% less usefull to me.

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The use value of a product is the most impressive aspect of any given item. Always keep it top notch I think

Your right TC_Clown the use value of a product is important but the offline mode gave players a extra level of use for the 1st 2 years of gears 5 release and now TC has taken that extra level of use away,and that a low blow after 2 years of having it.

One game you mentioned is a Gears of War game, the other is a “Gears” game…

…that’s all you need to know.

Gears of War 4’s biggest issue right now is server stability. Other than that, it is better than Gears 5 in nearly every way.

Even the Campaign in Gears 5 is riddled with bugs.


Well said, you beat me to it.

Gears 5 strayed too far from Gears of War’s style to the point it looks like a low-budget community game loosely inspired by it.


The fabricator bugging out is enough alone to give that title to 5. Seriously why is it still a thing?

Recently did a PvP in Gears of War 4, Social Quickplay. I was faaaaaaaast!!! Great and fast!!
PvP in Gears of War 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PvP in Gears 5!
The PvP in Gears 5 is only for losers!!!

Campaing in Gears of War 4 >>>>>>>> Campaign I. of Gears 5.
Campaign II. of Gears 5 >>>> Campaign in Gears of War 4.
Maybe TC should eradicate JD, Del and Kait from existence. They are just an idiot kids!!! Nothing more!!! Long Live The Hivebusters!

While Horde was a complete and utter disaster in the start of Gears 5, nowadays is much more better then what is was and maybe better then Horde in Gears of War 4.

True! Very true!

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Warzone! Arms Race! Dodgeball! Where are you!?

Gears 4 is clearly better no doubt about it lol gears 5 disgraces itself compared to gears 4

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Gears 5 100000%

If it wasnt so depressing, I’d be impressed with how long this game has managed to remain a broken mess plagued by bugs and technical mishaps, while at the same time having the worst QoL in any game I’ve ever played. Even GOW2 managed to fix most of the BS it had at launch, minus any of the clunkiness and issues spawned from playing ■■■■■■ P2P connections.

Some issues have existed for so long i’m 99% sure TC has forgotten about them and will now just exist forever. The social tab, ability to change characters in a friend’s lobby, invisible guns, the handful of Jack DBNO bugs, 1st round of casual matches ending in stalemates, components not spawning therefore ruining collectible runs, achievements not tracking properly (hivebusters DLC im looking at you!!!), and so many, many… many more.