GOW4 the deception

I recorded 3 different for gameplay videos where I win the match with MVP in a row and the rank system still the same 68% and then recorded a single defeat so I check out and hell no! 60% and that was ok then y played 2 more with victory and mvp and still 60, I loose 1 match and now I’m on 55% on gold 2 and that’s not it I can say TC did something with my profile cause EVERY MATCH SINCE MY LAST POST SOMEONE LEAVES THE MATCH and magically we loose. Damage calculation still a sht cause I body shoot and no damage even when blood comes out from the enemy that matchmaking still making my teams weaker than others and I do have skills oh lord I do so don’t tell me I have to be better cause it’s recorded on video and I’ll show to anyone who wants to see it that TC is an Epic Games shadow trying to be nice developers but they ain’t 2 years ago released this “game” and still having the same fcking bugs and no one fix them and they won’t cause TC are busy with OUR MONEY and what is it for? I expected more from this piece of game cause I can’t call it a game no like Gow 1 2 and 3. This is an advice to TC: STOP DEVELOPING GAMES OR BRING CLIFF BLESZINSKI BACK.

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