GOW4 On Xbox One X: Game audio sounds like I'm listening through a tunnel!

Maybe the wrong topic but I’ve got this persistent problem on GOW4 Vs and Horde where there is kind of a resonating background noise as if I’m listening down a pipe. The game sounds themselves seem ok but there is this background noise all the time in a match. Listening to caps I’ve done, the noise doesn’t seem to be present. Noticed on Reclaimed in the non-river Spawn the problem wasn’t so bad but increased then died down after every snub shot.

I get my audio to my headset from the 3.5mm audio jack on the monitor I use and have just disconnected it to find the same problem is coming from the monitor’s speakers so can’t be my headset.

Anyone else had this? I don’t know what to call it tbh to search for an answer.

I just loaded up GOW2 to see if this sound was there and it wasn’t on Campaign and a VS (I tried that was supposed to be on XBL but I was the only player).

New X box One so want to discover if it has a fault of if something else is going on.

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Is it specifically gears or does it happen on other activities through Xbox?

Same question for the monitor.

My immediate thought was possible mic feedback either from yourself if your mic is hot and picking up the game noise… Or from other teammates.

But the first two questions are important

Please either screenshot or write down what your audio settings are in the Xbox menu. There will be two different ones. One for audio output and the other I forget what they list it as but please tell us what both are set at, and also check your party chat routing (and the mix setting).

BTW, everything you said do far leads me to believe it’s feedback or two simultaneous audio playbacks that are a few milliseconds out of sync.

You ruled out my first thought.
Some headsets have alternate hearing modes which basically throw EQ settings all over the place to boost background noise and can make everything sound like it’s in a jar.

If you have speakers and headset on at the same time you could be potentially getting feedback from that. Try muting your mic even if you are listening through speakers to see if it improves.

My main problem I have with audio in this game is directions flipping.
It’s only in Gears4 so it’s definitely something in their audio setup.
i.e. I hear loud shots close to my back left but in reality it’s other players across the map to my front right. Usually self corrects throughout the round.

when ever im trying to figure out tech problems I go through the process of elimination. you already did that with listening to the headset and TV :+1:

test a different device like 360/PS4/Switch to rule out the XB1
test a different TV to rule that out. ect. ect

I am a bit premature to reply but just wanted to thank you all for chipping in.

I will look into each post and get back.

At one point I thought I’d sorted this out, bizarrely by listening 100% to the Chat feed from my Turtle Beach headset. Then after I’d been messing about with stuff I put standard headphones into the Monitor and the biggest problem became direction. As I look into the fight the sounds become quiet. As I look 90degrees away (or sometimes 45 :confused: ) the sounds get louder.

I have been making lots of clips but not got round to DL them to PC and seeing what I’ve got, assuming these will give the ‘purest’ sound from the Console. Because till now, this sounds barking mad!

Like I said I will go through this thread and get to those clips and maybe share what I’m getting. Thanks again.

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Have you tried getting audio from the controller or are you only using the monitor?

I thought something was wrong too but apparently this is a feature of the XB1X to make the game sound more immersive using an audio system or headsets. It was weird at first but I got used to it. It’s actually pretty cool.

Uh, I have a OneX and don’t have these specific audio issues.

Only time everything sounded like complete garbage was the time I accidentally enabled the “super human hearing” mode on my turtle beach headphones and all the background noises were loud and crunchy with that weird tunnel doppler effect while the action itself was muffled.

It’s definitely something else. I’m an audio engineer and pick up on errors pretty easily. There’s no tunnel sound in mine, on any of the various playback systems I use. Tunnel effects are typically caused by layers of audio with millisecond delays. I think his routing is off somewhere.

Also, Grub, if you have something like Dolby enabled, try switching it off.

Who said I have issues? I just said I thought something was wrong at first. I had to get adjusted to it.

There’s an interview going over the X enhancements for Gears 4 and one of them was Dolby Atmos audio for sound systems and also headsets.

I feel that Dolby Atmos is terrible in this game. The original engineers worked hard to get quality tonal balance and correct spacial cues in the game. A generic “one size fits all” processor rarely helps. It’s like throwing catchup on everything you eat. Sometimes it’s nice, other times it’s a terrible combination. I removed Atmos within 5 min of trying it because it smeared the bass and screwed with the spacial relationships between effects. Midrange became a phase distorted mess. I couldn’t find anything good about it. The guys who did the original work on the audio did a petty good job.

My comment is in regard to the original post which it appeared you were addressing.

I didn’t see the option to change the audio mode. Is there a way to do this on the XB1X?

Atmos is a separate app you download and pay for. If you didn’t buy it, you’re fine. Just make sure your sound settings are correct for your device (no 5.1 on standard headphones and such).

On the issue of sound,

Sometimes footsteps completely disappear from a player or are extremely faint, even when up close.

Like you don’t get that consistent clunck of Armour or footsteps in 4.

My theory is one that consoles have had issues with. I think the Xbox may implement a polyphonic limit, meaning only so many sounds can be produced at once. So, a noisy DB might be flanking you, but other distant sounds are continually going off and the footsteps drop off. The fix would be to give sounds a priority based on proximity.

Of course, it could be another issue entirely, but I’ve noticed Gears does have an issue with sound stacking, particularly noticeable in horde.

It’s the same for me on PC though.

Never had an issue with any other Gears game, only 4.

It could be the priority, like I mentioned. If they developed it for console and ported it without optimizing the sound, the issue would travel over. The fact that sounds in Horde cancel each other out and that this same thing seems to only happen to me with footstep audio when there’s a lot of fighting in the distance makes me think it’s the same issue.

When all is relatively quiet, I’ve never had footstep audio disappear in Gears 4. And, I’m reeeeeeealy attuned to the audio.

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I’ve never paid attention to this aspect but could be what’s happening.

It’s a shame it never got fixed or looked at but I’m hoping 5 is better as it was a nice way to listen out to surroundings in previous games.

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