GOW4 Match making is broken beyond belief

The matching making currently in GOW 4 is broken or so bad it supports higher ranks and not lower ranks.

I am consistently getting matched in this diamonds and onyx 3. I was a silver 3. I am so punching out of my weight class. I have lost now silver 3 and 2. this with the quitters and the current ping fluctuations cause me to drop game over game. i am solo so i get put in with stack that are a team and talking and no one on solo talks.

This destroys my hopes at getting better or ranking up. in addition i have to live with this diamond player on my owne team last night telling everyone how much i such at only 17 kills.

of course i suck my freaking pin is solid 5 to everyone else 100, so 1st and second shots never register. onyx nd diamond have master one shots . Yes i cross and support but then they all just run around and back shoot.

so i guess its about inflating the upper ranks and keeping the lower ranks down.

yes i am up set. it took me time and practice to punch inside my weight class now you want me to punch up.

its like asking Steven hawking to box ALI.

i just want a fight chance that is all i ask.

sorry i am just upset.

make the ranking fair not weighted to the higher ranks.

You need to go do some 2v2. And then go back to whatever mode you are playing. Yes lag compensation can be hard to overcome. But the only thing you can fix is your own skills. Go do some 2v2 with randoms and dont stress about it just have fun. But pay attention to the little things.

The bottom line is as a Silver 2 against Diamonds the game doesnt expect much out of you at all. So 17 kills is actually not bad. Your skill rating could have even went up but if you lose you cannot gain under that ranking system. Best thing for you to do is work on your CQC by playing some 2v2. Or even do some competitive warmup.

The good thing about competitive warmup is it doesnt matter its just warmup. No pressure but a lot of highly skilled people in there. If you can perform halfway decent there. Silver 2 will be a breeze.

I am sure there is some merritt to what your saying but i have done that and loaded up a lobby and practice up A and back A. The wrap around shout i never get and not sure why its allowed.

Given my age and playing time its doubtful i get to a Gold or onyx level. i just want to be competitive in my owe class.

about three weeks to four weeks ago. i was having fun and doing fine at about 35 to 40 kills. i even had a 60 kill game then something changed and i was losing every game and my deaths to kills is like 8 to 1.

i think its hard for higher ranks to understand the frustration of lower ranks. Not all of us can be diamond or onyx.

Are you playing KOTH? Or TDM?

I play KOTH exclusively. Just seems to be a better fit and i like the team concept more than TDM.

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Well two things.

  1. what do you have your controller sensitivities set to?
  2. about 3-4 weeks ago the season reset and a lot of people are still working there way back up through the ranks. So you may be facing tougher competition than normal. Plus a lot of people are shaking the rust off with Gears 5 coming up.

I do understand not everyone can be Onyx or Diamond, but I also believe in practice. I have struggled through the ranking system and worked hard to get better. The things that make be better at KOTH the most are playing 2v2 and TDM. TDM teaches you patience and 2v2 teaches you CQC.

it looks like gears 5 also has ■■■■■■ matchmaking. You also still run into stacked 5 mans when solo queueing. They really need to update the algorithm to match premade teams with eachother.

I play solo KOTH too and I get that it’s frustrating sometimes.

Think of it in a more positive light. If you are fighting higher ranked players and your team wins, you’ll get a bigger boost. If you want to get better, you need to go against people who are better. Look at this as an opportunity. Copy what better players do.

How are you with the Gnasher? Can you do basics like Up A’s? Back A’s? Do you strafe when you shoot or do you just stand still? Have you adjusted your controller settings to find the perfect feel?

Don’t mind people like that. They’re competitive and get salty about losing. Gears 4 is the past. Just practice. Use the remaining time in Gears 4 to be ready to get better for Gears 5. Look up Gnasher tutorials online if you want to improve with that and learn tips and tricks. Domez has some pretty good ones as does ThyAshes.


Thanks for all the support. yes as i tell both my athlete kids practice is the key. below answers some of the questions you all asked.


28, 28, 28 .8.3.1

Yes on back A and up a, however i seem to shoot to wide on up A. i can not do the warp around shot.

I was hard targeting with gnasher but now in CQC i hip or blind fire and line up the barrel vs the sites. this has changed my game big time.

when my team wins and i am low ranked and less kills i still lose rank cause i am not performing at the same levels as those on my team and the other and my K/D is bad.

I seem to do better in gears five but i think that only cause the call it eliminations and i am sure most of mine are finishes or down. i tend to get more downs then kills.

2 things i do not under stand the one shots and how the see and shot me one shot in the smoke. i can see anything.

I really only had one goal left in GOW4 was to hit gold one. i was withing 5% when is went to crap. I am at 30 % silver one, so not sure i come back from that given whats going on.

I do like the community support and ideas. i get trying them. Its just i have to pay with it via my rank at least do not take away what i earned. Some told me maybe that my issue as they shoot lined up middle screen and i tend to do that as apposed to swiveling right and left.

Now mind you my age is nothing i can do about so reflects and site will not be the same as some one under 50 hint hint on my age.

thanks for keeping me plays and i do and will watch more gnasher vids.

I started on judgement

Can you pop shot? Sometimes better off if your hip fire isnt accurate. Also use lancer more.

yeah i have master the smoke covered sneak around chain saw i tend to make people made, but some times that is all i have .

i do cross and help team mates in 1 v 2 battles. that does not do much in gow4 for me but i think it will on 5

Hmm i dunno then. You doing ranged shots?

Your playing on Xbox One?

on xbox one and not sure what range shots are.

Anyone else on PC or Xbox have issues rejoining a ranked match? About 90% of the time after I get a hard-freeze forcing me to close the game, I load the game back up and go to rejoin, and it deploys and shows the map and sits there like it’s loading forever. It’ll happen back to back to back, and take like 10+ times sometimes before it actually loads in.

I can tell when it’s stuck because it should only take a few seconds after showing the map, to load me in, so once it’s more than that I just close the game and reload. It’s so annoying, because I’m already working around the stupid freeze crash, but to have bugs and bugs on bugs ontop of that is just ridiculous and beyond unacceptable.

I’d be able to get back in and not mess my team up, if the rejoin actually worked, but since everything is broken in this game, I end up messing it up for my team when this stupid forever-loading map happens. It’s really agitating how many severe bugs the game has.

Just trying to win with Gnasher at mid range instead of one shot range. It gives you a better change to out maneuver instead of rolling the dice that you get your shot off first.

Since a fews days, the game is very weird. I lose ranks even if my team wins against Diamond 3. The host looks often very bad and more pitiful is the connection of players, more they kill. That’s a shame. I notice something else, once you get close from Onyx or better, you start to fight against invicible bronzes or silvers… Maybe they want to be sure people play Gears 5 and don’t stay on the 4th.

80-90% of my solo matches in Escalation are against 5 stacked opponents (if not 5, they are against 3 or more almost always). I get your frustration. Around season 6 I noticed that match making was becoming even more skewed. Stacks vs solos. Diamonds vs bronze / silvers. I was equating this to a low player base. At this point I don’t really care about my ranking (Onyx 2) in Escalation as I know there is so much I can’t control given how uneven the teams often are. As others have mentioned, just keep practicing as much as you can and don’t worry about your rank in 4. KOTH is a good mode to practice in as deaths aren’t as critical as they are in TDM or Escalation. Again though, I agree with you and feel for the situation. In a perfect world you would be matched against equal or so opponents that would allow you to work on your skills and your confidence as a player. And as you improved, so would the enemies you where matched against.