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Gow4 is now unplayable

(iWeedLordI7) #42

they have so much more , you free to leave :slight_smile:


I completely understand how you feel. My son and I wait all week to play on the weekend but it takes 15min to find a game, only to have a player leave immediately after. Yeah it’s frustrating!

(Asparragus) #44

an option to join existing games where people left would solve this issue…game devs are just not hungry anymore…

(chaaze) #45

(III EnVii III) #46

Looks legit to me :+1:

(Phaaze) #47

Eh, Phaaze or any variation of the spelling thereof is a pretty common tag. We might have played with or against each other in passing. Hard to say. More recently I’ve been getting friend and play invites as well as messages from people, but I’m a lone wolf so to speak. Somewhat team oriented (won’t completely ignore teammates in most situations) but I typically don’t befriend or accept player invites from people I’ve met in passing. The gesture from those people is flattering, however.

(III EnVii III) #48

Again, if you are EU then I’m sure it’s you, if not, then no :+1:

And I normally message people first to ask if they want to team up, I never just send invites out the blue.

(Phaaze) #49

Well I commend you, lol.

And nah, wasn’t me. It’s all good though.

(III EnVii III) #50

Aha nothing more annoying than a random GT you haven’t even seen before give you an invite midway through a match :joy:

And ok, no problem :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1:

(Ree4er Madness) #51

This made me give up last night. After being booted from the lobby right before the match started, and being suspended for 15 min, i left. Got off work yesterday to play, lobby still disolves bui i made it into a game. 1st game, guy on my team upa and quirs in the 2nd round. We were down 1_0, but were winning the 2nd round. Next game,were up 1_0, 2 guys on my team who were in a party together BOTH quit. Im DONE. Got Destiny 2 for 10 bucks over the weekend, already have FarCry 5, Fallout 4 , COD WW2, DOOM, Metal Gear 5 was FREE. Too many other great games to play than stressing out over this ■■■■.

(III EnVii III) #52

Why 1_0 and not 1-0 like everyone else?

Just curious btw

(Ree4er Madness) #53

lol cause i on my xbox typing, i thought i used -

(III EnVii III) #54

K I let you off this time :+1:

(Zamiiw) #55

Hello, I have a problem playing GOW4, the game is taking me out and it can’t establish a conection, It seems usual problem between users, but, is annoying not be able to play, specially when you are so into the story of the game, hope someone can help me