Gow4 is now unplayable

Between servers connections and quiters. I’m done with this game. You lost me as a fan.


I’ve been playing just fine.

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We cant get a game 5 stack and all of us cant play…wtc is going on?? Gears is broken fully


Agreed! It takes longer to find a game than to play a match with all the dissolving lobbies. I don’t know if it’s people leaving or them getting disconnected because my friends and I have been disconnected before the match loads and all received a 15 min ban. If this is happening to everyone then I can see why there are so few players left on this game


Oh yeah, also they been lagging me firece. Pretty much the good players getting screwed over.


Ok cool…see you during the week

I won’t buy Gears (of war) 5 so whatever they can do or not, I don’t care anyway!

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Ok, CSB-CML :+1:

You don’t need to post the same thing in every thread.

You’ve already made your own thread with this exact post.

Delete it at once.


I know TC doesn’t care about the community. But thanks for the confirmation.

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Anytime bro, I’m here for you :v:

Good to hear! :smile::+1:


I don’t know why Lobby dissolving so much now days i think gears have very bad servers

I suspect player base has increased over the past week due to gears 5 announcement and 5XP week. Probably overloading servers


It’s really an issue tho, I again tonight was kicked from a match without an option to re-join and I thankfully recorded exactly what happened to have a proof that I’m getting timed-out for trying to play the game, TC really must get on this because this evening I was trying to find a game after the ban and it put me in a ever-dissolving lobby, where after 8-9 fails to create a match it said MATCHMAKING STOPPED and left me in pre-game lobby while still giving me the message that I’ll be penalized if I try to leave the lobby, even after it stopped searching for matches completely.

I’m all in support of Gears 4 and Gears in general but this is a huge problem and TC needs to step up to this.


Exactly E3 is the reason for the congestion. I have been playing Campaign on Insane because I know it might take awhile. Hopefully before Gears release I’ll be done with it.

I believe if you share this record you made here might be helpful too.

first time I ever wrote here. 30 min try to play and joined and disconnected and suspended. not fun

i think is an overload on servers cause the last 5xp day yo,