GOW4 Esport Skins

I’m a little disappointed for not having the a lot of of the esport skins i never had the time to get em. i hope they will at some point, bring em back i’m willing to spend 60 just for one skin i admire some of those skins (especially the black phantom skins) and i hope they do bring em back at least.

Get used to disappointment then.


60 for one skin??? :grimacing:

Also, the Black Phantom skins are not esports. I understand paid esport skins that were available during a small period of time, but the black phantom skins were rewarded to those who completed lengthy tasks in Gears 4. And if I’m not mistaken, those tasks/challenges were open to be completed for at least a couple months.

The esports skins I’ll agree with you on, but the Black Phantom should remain locked and exclusive to those who put the time in.

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I’m not sure the phantom skins where available to purchase where they? I Remember my phantoms where only through watching live events…unless some where in the store


Mate don’t take this personal… I don’t have the Black phantom skins which are d.mn good and can’t obtain them because I read that TC promised that those skins remain exclusive to those who accomplished the tasks in G4. Yeah promise is a promise and should be obeyed. Just I am little bit jealous :sweat_smile:

Nope. They were earned through one of the Road to Gears 5 challenges.

At one point they were supposed to be sold in the GOW5 store and it was even announced, but the community went a bit crazy at this and TC cancelled it a couple of days later. It was really because TC previously said that the Black Phantom skins would be exclusive to those who did the challenge.

Have you ever seen our resident big spender @III_EnVii_III post here before? $60 is like pocket change for him. My dude would’ve spent $100 plus on a skin if he really liked and wanted it.

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There’s no limit to how much I would spend, TC just don’t care about taking my money.

The store is the worst store I’ve ever seen in any A game, never mind a Triple A game.