GoW4 enemy characters were so rich in variety.. and here? We get the Bolter

Helmet… Ok… and slight differences in shoulder pads…

Yeah, ok, sure. that’s worth $7, right?


you should instead buy yourself a BIG MAC and a Happy Meal instead… no point of giving TC any money at this point.


I mean how long did it take Gears 4 to have such a lengthy roster for both swarm and cog (not including certain reskins like colorblast)?

If I remember right, the first locust characters didn’t even come out until around 6 months after release.


It’s $5 innit. Also it’s a cool helmet.

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Yup, and several were very similar in design to each other too. The Locust Sniper and the Beast Rider were just the Drone, but with goggles and a helmet. They’ve always been that way, and in GOW4 the release schedule was staggered over a long time. The peak of activity and quality was from March 2017 to December 2017 I would say.


It’s not an excuse though.

Gears 4 had a lot more launch skins from what it remember but the following skins had more variations.

They did however reuse a lot of skins and models for following characters and it always felt like a low job effort.


Yes, plus let’s not forget, this is a followup game, to GoW4, they had all the experience of GoW4 to learn from… They know what people like, what they don’t like, what works, what doesn’t work…

At launch, we got:

  1. few variations of the drone, no significant difference between them
  2. scion - ok, slightly different
  3. terminators - fine, very different, but mostly not in any good ways

I don’t remember if the imago was available at launch or later, and that’s fine, that’s a cool skin which a lot of people like…

Now, since launch, what have we seen added to the enemy roster which was of any uniqness or value?

The frankestain imago wasn’t bad… Initially I didn’t think much of it, but after I looked more carefully, I did start to appreciate it.

And that naughty scion xmas thing for FFA wins, that’s very unique - but it’s very cartoonish, it’s not really a “gears” character, it’s a cartoon monster… Kinda like that xmas DB skin, something out of a ballet show…

Yeah, I know, maybe I’m hoping for too much… We’d like better matchmaking, we’d like more maps, we’d like more characters, (some of us, myself included) would like better gamplay…

It’s too much, I guess… We should just be happy with what we have.

What we had is definitely worth $1, which is what I paid for this game, but for people who paid $80+, I donno…



I was thinking TC would be smashing it out the park.

I would like have to see Base Skins for almost all the current and precious characters.

There’s no excuse not have a roster full of Cog and Swarm.

And then add in Locust & Lambent.

Plus do all the other Skins for the characters.

What we get is a few bland characters and some ok-ish skins per character.

Disappointing is an understatement.


Ranking System
Hit Registration

Are the Top 3 priorities.

But content just isn’t there.

Look at the maps.

8 new maps in total?

That’s a joke.


I remember COG having all the base characters (new and old squad), plus dress uniform, I think maybe the normal UIR and then COG Gears.

Swarm had all the drone variants, 2 scions, and the DeeBees.I’m not going to include all the filler reskins like color-blast.

So yes Gears 4 had more at launch buuut you had to unlock the characters through RNG crates when the currency gains were abysmally low and the actual % of gaining a new character were super low too. I don’t think I ended up with a character I actually wanted to unlock until after 3 weeks into the game where I finally had enough scrap saved up to purchase them.

Gears 3 had beast and I loved it
. …4 had superb horde; 5 has no appeal to the players who have always loved the franchise. 5 is ■■■■■
Horde 5 is a selfish “quit when you die fest”. What engineering role is gonna charge up the map to revive some idiot who can’t use his perks? Appalling. The coalition wrecked our game. Knobheads

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GOW4 only had 5 characters per side unlocked at the very start, but there were lots of unlockable characters available through the packs. Hoffman (4 different versions), Minh, Commando Dom, Cole (2 versions), Baird, Sam (2 versions), Armored Marcus, E-Day Anya, COG Gear (Male and female, E-Day and V-Day) plus lots of variants of the main 5 characters (Zombie, Colorblast, DOTH etc).

Swarm had the Spectre ones, Colorblast, Imago, Scions (3 versions) plus several DeeBee’s, DR1 and Deadeye.

The UIR’s were first released after Christmas 2016. Gary Carmine was the first new release from featured packs in November 2016. We had a knock-off Halloween Elite pack in 2016 which basically contained the launch Zombie and DOTH characters and weapon skins.

I think we had a bundle of characters made available around January 2017 through the generic packs (update 2 or something) - V-Day Sam, Anya, COG Medic etc. We also had a Mystery Pack in January 2017 I think which compiled things like Gary Carmine, UIR etc.

We had several monthly Legacy characters. I think the first was Dizzy from around March 2017 and we got one per month for about 9 months (including Bernie, Tai, Vintage Anya and Marcus, Locust Grenadier Elite etc).

We didn’t get many good packs until March 2017. Prior to that was Luchador Oscar, Gold Onyx Swarm, Weapon Collector 1… But from March 2017 to December 2017 we had a stream of consistent good packs - Locust Drones, RAAM Emergence, Carmine, Palace Guard, Myrrah, Skorge, Locust Sniper, Armored Kantus, Classic Delta, Savage Locust, COG Engineers…


I’m not sure why the team builds every model over and over again. Gears 4 Has great graphics, and the models I payed for and unlocked should still be available for me. Why do everything again? An example would be that the Kantus in Gears 5 has his mouth open while the one in G4 had it closed. Why spend time reworking everything that is just a cosmetic?

My memory of Gears 4 launch characters is kind of foggy since I think after the first 3 months I had unlocked maybe 4 characters total I actually wanted to use. Not counting the x amount of color blast, dress uniform, and zombie skins I scrapped.

Yes I was so excited about V-Day Sam i still have the screenshot :laughing:


Well, at least Gears 4 had a good multiplayer (with flaws, but enjoyable) Gears 5 is just extremely boring.

Pretty subjective topic, personally I thought Gears 4 played terribly compared to its beta. More than once I took over a month long break, until late into the games lifespan they fixed some of the multiplayer problems.

Gears 5 is just meh to me, I play it every few weeks but mostly just play more enjoyable games. I don’t take as much sponging or salt as I used to when I can play better games :man_shrugging:

The “hero system” has completely destroyed skins and how they are delivered.

I would greatly rather have repeated perks for multiple characters and actually have more characters.


Very little about gears 5 is exciting me. I liked all the skins and characters in gow4. We could be the character we want without compromising the role we prefer. 5 is regressive and oppressive by comparison. But then again gears 5 is still about half the size that 4 became. Plenty of scope to improve what could essentially finish gears for good if significant rework isn’t rapidly addressed. Ditch escape as well. How did anyone ever think that was a decent mode? We wanted beast back and that’s been ignored by 2 releases.

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It’s also the first time the Bolter has been playable. I’ve been asking for them since Gears 2.


When I started to expand beyond PvE about 8 months after GoW4’s release, it was all new to me. I had no past experience to compare to/against, I just accepted whatever it was (movement, tuning, balances, etc) as “this is what Gears versus is”. I saw people making references to past titles, but those were meaningless to me.

I absolutely fell in love with Gears PvP, via GoW4. By the end I was able to appreciate the differences between Core & Comp and have a preference (Core with a reduced two shot down range)… But to me Gears PvP = GoW4. That’s all I knew.

Then G5 comes on the scene… and I hated it… the movement, the weapons, the gib range, aim assist, melee, etc… barf…

BUT, I wonder, are there people for whom G5 is the first PvP gears, and who will fall in love with it because they don’t know any different (like me re GoW4)?

I wonder if TC’s master plan was to double down on THOSE people, at the expense of us…