GOW1 Soundtrack

fyi, GOW 1 sound track now available on Spotify, says it’s a 2021 release…

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Yeah where did you find it on spotify? I’m getting tired of listening to it on youtube lol.

It came up under Kevin Riepl originally as a new release, then I searched Gears of War 1/2/3/4/5 and found the rest with the filter "Albums only’

Huh I was excited to see them remastered in the TWIG. Did Judgement get a remaster too or was that soundtrack forgotten?

Also thank you for the response :slight_smile:

Heh, Judgement appears to have been left out. :laughing:

Judgement has a great soundtrack though :sob:

I checked under Steve Jablonsky albums and it didn’t even turn up there.

The absolute disrespect :pensive: it’s ok though lol.

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There’s always the tube :wink:

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Yeah that’s where I listen to it at :relieved: