GOW1 search engine

Hey coalition,

As a former competitive player turned to modern day casual sweat I really like the way the game is growing, matchmaking is fair but it lacks the personal touch of hosting lobby’s like In GOW some of us have Niches like fist to 1 execution or Some of us Raven Down warzone shottys only vets. Running into a stacked teams was a choice, back then you knew what you where getting into…
In gears 4 you press search and you could be gold 1 and run into a team of diamonds. That kinda makes players a bit hesitant of playing this game imo, i would say at least bring back the GOW 1 search engine for private gaming and call those games social leaderboards. (Because social should not matter as much as ranked)


Lion of Royalty


I have always missed Gears 1 style lobbies.

This way I can set:

Game Mode: KOTH
Rounds: 2
Score: 180

Respawn Time - 5-10s

Bleedout: 5 seconds

And pick the map :+1::+1::+1:

I think they took it away because their dedicated servers are not compatible?

This is exactly what horde needs. Matches with custom rules where people can build the teams they need. Especially if theyre going to keep classes.

Anyway, this would be great for competitive as well.

I miss having private games like gears 1 days where ppl have mutual respect for eachother .

Shorty only or snipes only…

I guess clubs have helped this “hosting private” option but those were the good ole days

Anyway I hope they do something new or different such as new game types and stuff.