GoW Ultimate Edition Online Dead?

Hello, I need two more achievements in Gow UE (level 100 and 10k kills), but I cannot find any games at all?
Does anyone know the population of this game or know what the deal is? Do people still play this?

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In my experience you will get games on TDM only and on USA servers (I’m UK) and I can’t remember if those kills count, I think they do.
When I try to get a game, that is all I can get . It is also super toxic, just like the old days!


I still try and have no luck. It’s frustrating because it’s not even that old of a game and it’s fun too. I got a lot of kills and XP in King of the Hill.

It is a brilliant game and brilliant mp. As soon as 4 launched people let in droves. As you say a real shame. :frowning:


Before gears 4 released TC opened up the Seriously to include social kills so it was no longer just ranked. (I was either <40 or < 400 kills away from Seriously when they did this which caused my progress to reset to Zero the first time)

2v2 gnasher on an Asian server is the way to go. 2 controllers and a guest for yourself and the same for a friend. Pair up and trade off murdering one another until you hit 10K. You’ll get 19/20 kills per game that way depending on who wins the match.

I never understood people that do stuff like this; does this not defeat the purpose of it being an 'achievement '?

This sort of thing is why I dont really care about cheveos anymore.
Dont get me wrong if I would be going after any it would be Gears ones and I have doubtless farmed various ones in the games before, but not now, well not until Gears 5 :wink:

They really mean F-all. At least to me, if others like them, then fair enough.

I’m offering a solution to someone’s problem rather than adding further condescension to this forum. The game is completely dead and that’s a simple way to hit his desired goal.

Some people are compulsed to get achievements ; others gamble away real money for pointless in-game cosmetics.

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One thing I will give Gears UE is the Cheveo Tile art is for the most part excellent.

I really wanted to play this game again.

But not enough players on EU :disappointed_relieved:

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No one plays this game anymore. A few weeks ago I searched on US east, west and EU without finding a match in Tdm or Koth

I generally find TDM pretty quick, evenings in the uk. Have to search using both US servers though.

Yep, games practically dead, and people say it’s a decent gears game when I’m more likely to find a game on the original Gow 1, 2 and J over UE

I love Gears 1, spent so much time playing it and grabbed that 1000/1000 on UE. I think UE was the last time I enjoyed Gears as much as I used to.

A damn shame I can’t get that same feeling playing Gears 4, hope 5 brings back the excitement.

Gamepass Ultimate has brought some new players. Played TDM yesterday and today on US West server.

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King of the Hill?
Wish this game had population counter

Would love there to be a UK koth playerbase, or even a USA one. The only mode I can ever get is tdm on American servers. I haven’t tried for the past no th or so though.

The drop off once Gears 4 released was amazing. I was playing Hill/Blitz daily at the point and loved every minute.
Only Gears game that has dropped so many players so quickly was J. Albeit for very different ressons!

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Even TDM can be a struggle.

Must have que’d like 2.5 hours last night without a game and that was searching 3 regions.

Sat searching for a KOTH match for 20min. Switched to TDM and got in instantly …right into the laggiest match imaginable.

Watched my teammate kill 2 people then he took 5 steps and his head flew off from the first guy he killed. It made Gears4 seem like a dream again.