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GoW UE - Contacting Gears of War services

I have Windows 10 v1803 (on purpose, to help with the GoW UE fps drop issue)

All my Windows Store games work perfectly online (Forza 7, Horizon 4 etc) but with GoW UE, at the loading screen, I get “Contacting Gears of War services” and it doesn’t proceed.

I have left it on this screen for almost 3 hours now, so I’m confident it’s not even “trying” or it is in a failed loop of some kind.

I can play the game, offline, if I block it from network access or disable my LAN before loading the game, but I’d really like to have a go in Co-Op.

Does anyone else have this problem? Are the servers no longer up or something?

Exact same issue, seems the servers are down for everyone

I created a dual boot of Windows 10 v1709, to test the FPS drop issue…

guess what? solid 120 fps but more importantly, I don’t even SEE the connecting to services message! It just works, instantly…

I booted back into Windows 10 v1903, started up the game… same “Connecting” loop…

I did find a work around though (and this worked for me, not saying it will for anyone else)

  1. Disabled Ethernet/Wifi.
  2. Launched game.
  3. When game in main menu, enabled Ethernet/Wifi.
  4. Went to multiplayer, got the Xbox/Live account login popup, logged in…
  5. Was able to create a private co-op match and invite.
    5a. Was able to join a Team Deathmatch.