GOW TV show or movie?

So I know there is going to be a GOW movie at some point, but in the case that you could choose. Would you prefer a movie? Or a TV series?

Whichever it is, I’d prefer it animated with the original voice cast.

Live action versions of animated source material are never worth it.


Halo TV series gave me hope. But I dont know if I could ever see Marcus Fenix in live action without laughing.

I hope the live action movie doesn’t make history as the worst videogame movie to ever exist.

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Like Staindgrey said. Make it animated with the original voice actors.


I don’t think there is a single good video game adaptation to live action but it won’t stop them from pumping them out.

I saw Assassin’s Creed in theaters.

I seriously doubt there’s anything that can top that.

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So gears has a chance then :sweat_smile:.

That’s good.

mortal Kombat annihilation enters the chat

Those MK movies are HOT GARBAGE.

The new MK movie was actually really decent. Main character sucked though.

Sub-Zero not being a total letdown was the highlight of the movie for me. And Kabal :blush:

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Thing about Assassin’s Creed to me, though, was that it wasn’t “so bad it’s good” territory where you can still get enjoyment out of it. It’s just bad. And I’m not even an AC fan. It was dreary, dull, painfully bland and boring.

I’m not sure there are many movies I’ve watched that I disliked as much as that one, adaptation or not. So Gears has GOT to be better than that, right?

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Flawless Victory (your comment, not the movie)


Don’t be fooled by the name. It may feature the word “as5” in the title twice but it’s only half-as5ed at best.


Universal making it already has me nervous :joy:

They havent made a good movie in years.

I think a TV show would stand a better chance than a movie would. There’s just too much story and character development to cram into a movie or trilogy of movies, but I could be wrong.

Animated series would probably stand a better chance above all else, considering who ever was to make it could get away with a lot more without driving production costs up, but again I could be wrong lol.

Also, I know Dave Bautista has been pushing for a gears movie or what not, but I honestly will never accept him as Marcus Fenix lol. Nothing against him or anything because I do like him in Guardians of the Galaxy and other stuff, but when I think of a gears movie or gears show he does not even enter the possibilities.

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I would accept Dave on one condition

He has to say “ARE YOU READY FOR THIS PIT OF DANGER!?” at some point during the movie.

Oh, my various gods’ NO!

I played the voice-over he did for the campaign and I just went “never again” and never went back, lol. It is also possible that players using him in PVP and PVE have just put me off him being involved with the gears name, lol. That is definitely the reason why I hate Ben, Anthony and Gary Carmine now lol.

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Only one right answer here lol.

Ben SUCKS now. TC ruined him, which is a shame because hes always been my favorite carmine. I play all the other carmines except him now.

They really did. When I played them in previous games, I was completely fine with it, but in this game I have had to ban them from my lobbies because they are just unbearable now lol.

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They flanderized the “kid” part of his persona.

Hes meant to be young but not elementary school young.

Right there. Nail on the fracking head with that comment.

TC turned him into a child and I fraking hate kids lol.