GoW Ranks are Broken - From Diamond 2 - Silver in 4 Games

and here is some feedback on how to improve communication to the community


Almost same here. From onyx 2 to silver 3 in 5 games, Does ranking reset every month or what?

1 week ago I was masters elo

I was rebalanced and have been in bronze since. I stopped playing, I’m not being bigheaded, but Im not a bronze player. Also didnt fancy replaying all my rank progress on 120 ping.

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Maybe if you grind for 2 years getting 100 points a match you’ll get to Gold lol.

Same happened to me - I was D2, got relegated to Silver 2 and have been there since and forever. Was always O3-D3 in Gears 4.

Somehow, Silver 2 is the sweatiest rank ever, lol. Even if I play well and get 500 points, I’ll play a few consequent matches and lose points, so, TL;DR I’m never ranking up again.