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This last match of Ranked TDM was the last nail in the coffin. What the actual hell has the Gears player-base been reduced to? Like, honestly. People stealing kills, never reviving you, barely ever giving support with their lancers, playing smart, etc.

It’s honestly incredibly shocking. And I’m curious to see if y’all deal with the same thing. It’s not fun running 30 to 5 matches and carrying teammates, especially in Ranked of all places.


Man I wish I had an answer for you but I don’t

TDM was a mode a really enjoyed.

Used to be a top 3 player in that mode & was the mode I would play to master & still play for leisure.

But as you noticed it’s atrocious now.

They said they were making it “more competitive” with these changes.

However you get some really selfish players by not allowing you to play in squads.

I don’t even bother playing tdm because I know I’m going to get more pissed than enjoy myself. Even though I put at least 25 days of play time specifically on that mode.

It’s chopped up so bad.

I just don’t wanna deal with that headache of hoping my team is chill & willing to help instead of camp.

I know I could master the mode this OP but I’m not down to play with people I don’t know & being toxic at that.

Even your own teammates will be toxic. Blocking me from sniping or boom shot because they want it. Even if they don’t fight for it.

I wish I’d have squads back to play in peace.

That way if I lose it’s because I lost. Not because I spent time on chat asking for help or something like that because as an Xbox player that takes 10-45 seconds to type in chat with a controller, every time I need to communicate, & that momentum is a game changer in itself.

I’ve been asking for a revert of after giving the new way a chance.


I usually got called racial slurs lmao

It’s an online game, it’s no big deal. More of an annoyance than anything.

Edit: Especially in ranked is it a cesspool of toxicity


Like do you mean not playing smart or is playing smart considered a problem?

Nah, I meant not playing smart. My bad for the confusion.

no worries was just making sure lol.

As for the main post. the entire VS experience has become completely stale for me. I don’t even play ranked anymore. Played a few games of koth but I honestly didn’t enjoy it all win or lose.

Maybe TC are appealing to a silent number of players with all these changes but so far each change has lead me to play VS less and less and really go in when I feel like medal hunting.

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LOL stealing kills. We still whine about a total non issue

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Can’t have a TDM thread without you in it :joy:

At OP, if this is the last nail what are the others?

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I really dislike where it at right now…


TDM is an absolute travesty to me. I feel like it could be good. I just have no idea how they could do it.

I feel like gears of war def needs more game modes. The community is basically KOTH entirely.

Guardian is a good mode that changes the pace of the game. Gridiron def has potential but they let it fall off and haven’t really done anything with it. I’d like to see something else with securing or capturing locations to capitalize on its strong points within the game…something that isn’t escalation. That game mode is AWFUl for 99% of the player base that plays ranked online lol. I’m unsure if it is even in the game anymore.

TDM needs to be looked at. All in all I’d love to get into it, but I can’t for all the reasons mentioned already.

Gears of war needs multiplayer game modes that are unique to the series…KOTH all the time gets old pretty fast.

I enjoyed gears 2s KOTH where you had to stay in the ring…like blitz but the ring stayed in one place the entire round…I know it was flawed in terms of it being competitive …but it was ALOT of fun. Tons of chaos.

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I’ve played at least ten matches where two teammates are AFK, most either quit, or just don’t know how to play with a team. I love Gears 5 gameplay, it’s like a perfect mesh of 3 and 2 imo, but the population within the game, and the ranked modes specifically are just awful.

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I mean, kinda on you for playing with randoms. Squading up tends to mend many (read: all) of your issues.