GOW losing plays and customers

Had to say this ive lost interest in gears of war and there blatant rip with esports pacts and other ways border line gambling im not buying any thing elce you put up . I just had so many thing that don’t make sense for sure i get a wepon skin i need in almost every 8 39 pack then i buy 5 more for the last skin no more it make me feel ripped so NO MORE money will i spend :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I do agree with you that the RNG is a ripoff when it comes to paid packs. But at the end of the day I don’t feel bad for people anymore who buy these packs as you know what your paying for at this point. It wouldn’t have gotten this far if people didn’t buy them. But too many people are buying these packs so why would TC change anything? We as a community voice our opinions with our wallets and too many people are saying yes to this practice. I guarantee that if lets say its Esports supporter 11 NO ONE bought TC would change its practice. But as long as people are buying them then theres nothing we can do.


Couldn’t agree more with you. People tend to blame the company for providing these sort of practices but it wouldn’t happen without money going into it